Update #258: What’s New!


Hello Kinzville! Today marks another update in Webkinz World and I’m here to talk about what’s new!



  • Dogbeard’s Gold has arrived at the arcade for Deluxe Members! This amazing new action game will have you shivering (with excitement) in yer timbers! Jump Captain Dogbeard from island to island, collecting treasure along the way!





  • Trick or treat from October 20th – 31st! Once again you’ll be able to collect candy from the Webkinz Ghost in the Clubhouse Reading Room! Once you collect all 12 pieces, you’ll win Freaky Forest Wallpaper!




  • Also from October 20th – 31st, watch for the floating Jack O’Lantern! Click on it to receive a random cool costume piece your pet can wear for Halloween!



  • Don’t forget to log in to Webkinz on October 31st (either on web or using the Webkinz app on mobile) to receive this year’s Halloween Treat Bag, filled with a special costume piece, along with some creepy candy!



  • Make sure to visit Today’s Activities on Halloween to spin the Super Wheel! It’ll be filled with some spooky hard-to-get Halloween prizes!



  • We’ve added 3 NEW Exclusive Items to the adoption gift box! The next time you adopt a pet, you might get an Airplane Window, a Purple Bumper Car, or a Fancy Hotel Dining Table! To make room for these new Exclusives, we’ve also retired the original Bumper Car, along with the Antique Fashion Mirror.



  • You have until November 2nd to pick up the Freaky Forest Halloween theme! The Halloween Party Packs will disappear after October 31st, and Halloween costumes in the KinzStyle Outlet will also become scarce after November 1st. So stock up soon!



  • We’ve updated the Daily Delivery and Today’s Announcements, so that they’re easier to use and work on mobile! Watch for them both coming very soon to the Webkinz mobile app!






  • Our next Deluxe Day is on Thursday, October 13th! When Deluxe Members visit Today’s Activities on that day, they’ll get a Halloween Patch Throne, along with lots of fun extra activities to enjoy!



  • Deluxe Members get a gift box every month filled with special prizes, including a piece of clothing you won’t find anywhere else! The prize in November’s Deluxe Gift Box is a Red Lifejacket!



  • Keep spinning those wheels! We’ve also once again updated the prizes on the Wheel of Wow for web and mobile, along with the Wheel of Deluxe!



We’ve also fixed more features and items! To see all of the items we’ve fixed each week, you can check out our list by clicking here.


Hope you have a wonderful time in Webkinz World!


Mayor of Kinzville


76 Responses to Update #258: What’s New!

  1. sambear says:

    Dear Sally or Micheal. I was wondering if we are going to be able to pick our exclusive items from the Wish Shop when we adopt a new pet? In the update message above It said that “The next time you adopt a pet, you’ll be able to choose an Airplane Window, a Purple Bumper Car, or a Fancy Hotel Dining Table!” Could you please let me know. Thank you ever so much. Your fan Sambear.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      No, the exclusives that come in Adoption Gifts are randomly awarded. The article has been updated to clarify — only Pet of the Month exclusives can be chosen specifically now.

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