Update #306: What’s New!


Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to tell you about all of the new things we have happening in Kinzville over the next few weeks! Let’s take a look!



  • My next upcoming Player Appreciation Day is on Monday, March 16th! Log in to your Webkinz account on either web, mobile, or the desktop app to receive a Clover Mosaic Tile!



  • We’ve updated the prizes for two of our daily activities! For Deluxe Members, we’ve added new prizes to the Deluxe Prize Machine. For Full and Deluxe Members, we’ve finally updated the capsule prizes inside the Prize Klaw!



  • Our Leprechaun Clubhouse Event returns From Wednesday, March 11th until St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, March 17th! Collect colorful Jelly Coins from the Leprechaun in the Clubhouse during that time and once you have all 6 colors, you’ll unlock this year’s grand prize: a Magic Painting! When you add it to your pet’s room, click on it to see why it’s MAGIC!



  • St. Patrick’s Day arrives on Tuesday, March 17th! Log in to your Webkinz account on web, mobile, or the desktop app to receive this year’s lucky prize: a Shamrock Throne!



  • My next Meet the Mayor event runs from Wednesday, March 18th until Sunday, March 22nd! Come visit me in the Kinzville Park where I’ll be handing out a daily gift which includes some brand NEW prizes! Hope to see you all there!



  • Saturday, March 21st is our next Deluxe Day! If you’re a Deluxe Member, you’ll be able to play lots of bonus events on the Today’s Activities schedule! And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your special prize: a Water Cooler which dispenses a daily Water Cooler Cup!



  • There’s a NEW Dex Dangerous Arcade Challenge running from Monday, March 23rd until Sunday, March 29th! Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll collect some out-of-this-world prizes, including a Movie Star Candy Bar, which your pet can enjoy while having a blast in their Space Fighter Ride!



  • There’s also a NEW Lunch Letters Trophy Challenge running from Monday, March 30th until Sunday, April 5th! Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll collect some delicious prizes, including a Cafeteria Tray and a NEW Lunch Letters Trophy!



  • Our 2020 Chocolate Egg event returns from Friday, April 3rd until Sunday, April 12th! Search for Chocolate Eggs around Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz. When you feed them to your pet, you’ll receive a sensational spring celebration prize!



  • For even more prizes, look for our 2020 White Chocolate Egg Carton in the WShop and the Ganz eStore! Drag the carton into your pet’s room to get the White Chocolate Eggs inside, then feed each one to your pet to get a random prize that goes together with the 2020 Milk Chocolate Egg prizes! You might even win one of this year’s GRAND prizes: a 2020 White Chocolate Cottage or a 2020 Milk Chocolate Cottage!




  • If you’re a Deluxe Member, you know that you get a special bonus box each month. Inside is a box of random Pet Medallions, a box that lets you choose any item from the Tween theme, and a special piece of clothing that you can’t get anywhere else! The Deluxe clothing item for the month of March is a pair of Spring Shower Glasses!



  • A new monthly challenge arrives for Deluxe Members on April 1st! Complete all of the tasks and you’ll get an Adventure Scouts Top and hat for your pet to wear when they’re meeting up at their NEW Adventure Scouts Treehouse!



  • Also throughout the month of April, we’ll be running a Kiwi Bird floating medallion event! Watch for the floating medallion to appear across your screen and then click on it to collect it! If you haven’t yet collected enough medallions to unlock this pet, now’s your chance!




  • We’ve once again updated the prizes on several of our daily wheels! See what you can win on the Wheel of Wow, the mobile Wheel of Wow, the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!



I hope everyone found this helpful. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for all the latest updates about how we’re making Webkinz World the best it can be!




Mayor Sophie Stockwell



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  1. creek4kids says:

    Hi, I’ve been a Deluxe member since April 16th, 2019 (expires soon, but I have a new membership waiting) and I haven’t received my March nor April giftbox. Could you help, Sally?

  2. punkinandsarge says:

    When will the new plushies be here? I’m really eager to see the designs haha

  3. Neette says:

    I have a question. When I play my ADS are are Gone on all four of my accounts. Did I do something wrong or are they just gone ? Please let me know. THANKS :) :) :) :)

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