Update #317: What’s New!


Hello there, it’s me again—Dr. Quack! I’m so privileged to once again be your Mayor of Kinzville, and I’m pleased to tell you about all the new and exciting things we have planned in Webkinz Classic for the next few weeks! Let’s have a look, shall we?



  • WINDOWED MODE IS HERE! You asked for it, and we listened! You can now play the Webkinz Classic desktop app in either full screen OR windowed mode! Just look for the SETTINGS on the desktop app home page before you log in and then click to un-check the box




      • The 2021 Winter Clothing Line has arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet and in the Mobile Zone of the Webkinz mobile app! Check out the latest fun fashions for your pet and look for the two new clothing recipes that can be created using items from this new theme! To make room for the new stock, PJ Collie has retired the 2020 Summer Clothing Line.



  • We are running a Wacky Weekend event on the weekend of January 22nd until January 24th! Watch for floating bottles of Zangoz Orange Fizz. When you click and collect one, you can feed it to your pet for a chance to receive a Wacky Snack Machine Fridge!



  • The Smoothie Moves Arcade Challenge arrives on Monday, January 25th! Available only on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, complete all the tasks before midnight Sunday, January 31st (EST) to win a Blanche Plushy, along with a NEW Smoothie Moves Blender!



  • Our next Player Appreciation Day is on Wednesday, January 27th! On that day, visit the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get the special prize for January: a 2020 Winterfest Cookie 3 Pack!



  • Our 2021 Winter Shopping SPREE event runs from Thursday, January 21st until Friday, January 29th! Log in each day to your Webkinz Classic account on the Webkinz mobile app or the Webkinz desktop app to receive a previous clothing line item!



  • Our next Deluxe Day is on Saturday, January 30st! When the day arrives, just visit the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get your special prize for January: a Snowflake Air Balloon!



  • In February, Deluxe Members will receive their monthly gift box containing a Deluxe Medallion Gift Box filled with pet medallions, a Tween Theme Gift Box which you can use to choose an item from the Tween room theme, a Wish Token—and of course—the month’s special clothing prize: some Snowy Slippers!



  • Deluxe Member’s will receive their next monthly challenge on Monday, February 1st! If they complete all the tasks before the end of the month, they’ll receive a Sweetheart Plushy, along with a NEW Lovely Pond!



  • Our Valentine Collection event returns on February 1st! Throughout the month, visit the Map of Kinzville of the Webkinz Classic desktop app and click on the collection icon to send Valentine requests to your friends! You’ll earn lots of lovely prizes along the way for reaching each milestone! And if you complete your collection before the end of February, you can start collecting all over again!



  • Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand returns to the Kinzville Park in the Webkinz Classic desktop app in February! Get a preview from February 1st until February 6th. Then from February 7th until February 14th, collect chocolates from Cinnamon in the park, and don’t forget to also look for the exclusive Banana Toffee Chocolate here on Webkinz Newz! This year’s grand prize for collecting all 6 chocolates are some Cinnamon Heart Tree Seeds that grow Cinnamon Hearts! If you miss out on any of the chocolates, they can still be collected using eStore Points until the end of February.



  • The Hungry Hog Trophy Challenge returns on Monday, February 1st! Available only on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, complete all the tasks before midnight, Sunday, February 7th (EST) to win a Diner Place Setting, along with a Hungry Hog Trophy!



  • The Adventure Scouts Cookbook has been updated with three new recipes! Use your Trail Mix collected from Sophie in the Clubhouse along with other found foods to create an Adventure Scouts Plaque, a Snowy Rope Bridge, or a Calming Campfire Stove! Pick up your Adventure Scouts Cookbook from the Books section of the WShop (under “Fun Stuff”), or check out our earlier Newz story here.



  • The Bathtub Battles Arcade Challenge arrives on Monday, February 8th! Available only on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, complete all the tasks before midnight, Sunday, February 14th (EST) to win a Jolly Roger Captain’s Chair, along with a NEW Dogbeard’s Bathtub!



  • Once again, we’ve updated the prizes on our daily wheels! Check out everything you can win on the Wheel of Wow, the mobile Wheel of Wow, the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!



REMEMBER: Flash has now been blocked in all web browsers! To continue playing Webkinz Classic, you’ll need to download the desktop app directly from the Webkinz homepage, or get the mobile app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.





Well now, that sounds like lots of fun! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more exciting announcements, including when you’ll see my NEW Caring Clinic at the Clubhouse!


Take care, Kinzville!




117 Responses to Update #317: What’s New!

  1. Em1999H says:

    I have literally had an account since 2008 and since the update my login information keeps being rejected. It claims that I have to have a longer password but whenever I attempt to change the password it won’t allow me to.

  2. ebjockey says:

    I can’t go onto kinzchat plus so…

  3. Nickelcat says:

    I discovered that while in Windowed mode, I was unable to chat using KinzChat Plus. I was not able to click the cursor in the bar where you type what you want to say. Additionally, I was unable to click on the balloons next to the bar to add emoji’s and pretty borders around the chat bubble. I finally figured out that this was because I had recently changed my screen to windowed mode. Once I switched back to full screen mode, I was once again able to use KinzChat Plus.

  4. ebjockey says:

    When will they add dr. quack’s office? That’s the whole reason I check out webkinz news every day (Except when there’s codes involved or webkinz next)!

  5. jsforfr says:

    Please, please, please consider changing the input box in the code shop, so that we can paste a complete code all at once… versus one segment at a time like it is now. It would be a huge quality of life improvement!

  6. DePpeach says:

    I don’t understand the new silver coins for prizes, are those collectibles for something?

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