Update #351: What’s New!


Eureka! Hello Kinzville, it’s your new mayor, Goober! Looks like it’s time once again to tell you all about what’s new and exciting in Webkinz Classic for the next few weeks! Let’s check it out:



  • We’ve been adding NEW souvenirs to Sheldon’s Souvenir Shack on the Vacation Island! These souvenirs were selected from our recent fan-design contest! Souvenirs appear randomly each day, and Deluxe Members can buy up to three daily! The latest additions are the Decorative Sand Art by mariakashkareva97, and the Pirate Rubber Ducky by ChickenNuggetsRUs!



  • We’ve also started adding NEW fan-designed clothing to the KinzStyle Outlet! These outfits were selected from our 2022 clothing fan-design contest and are available to everyone for KinzCash! The latest additions are the Rainbow Dinosaur Hoodie Top and Rainbow Dinosaur Hoodie Hood by jocelinp, and the Lovely Heart Sweater Vest by sheppers.



  • Our Acorn Collection Event returns on Friday, September 1st! Throughout the month of September, visit the Map of Kinzville on the Webkinz Classic desktop app. Click on the collection icon, and then send requests for acorns to your friends. When you collect certain milestones of acorns, you’ll receive some NEW Friendly Froggy themed prizes! And if you finish your collection before the end of September, you can start collecting all over again!



  • The September WShop challenge starts on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1! If you complete all the tasks before the end of September, you’ll receive a Galaxy Crew Uniform that your pet can wear working at their NEW Galactic Greenhouse!



  • The Deluxe monthly challenge for September also starts on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST! If Deluxe Members complete all the tasks before the end of September, they’ll receive some Academy Lockers that your pet can use before visiting their NEW Kinzville Academy Main Office!



  • September’s Deluxe Day is on Sunday, September 10th! When the day arrives, just visit the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get your special prize for September: an eBike Scooter!



  • Our next Webkinz Days of Play event runs from Monday, September 11th until Tuesday, September 19th. Log in each day during that time to receive some extra plays for your favorite Magical Forest activities.



  • Our next Player Appreciation Day for Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next is on Thursday, September 14th! On that day, log in to your Webkinz Classic account (desktop app only) and visit the Today’s Activities schedule to click on and receive your special prize for September: A Floating School Desk! On Webkinz Next, look for the prize notification in your Message Center at the top right corner of the screen. PLEASE NOTE, this month’s prize CANNOT be traded, sent, and sold on Webkinz Classic.



  • Our 2023 Fall Fest event runs from Monday, September 18th, until Saturday, September 30th! Watch for floating leaves to appear across your screen on Webkinz Classic (desktop app AND the mobile app). When you see one, click on it to receive a fun fall prize!



  • Once again during Fall Fest, you can also collect complimentary prizes by picking up some 2023 Fall Fest Soda from the Ganz eStore, or from the WShop for eStore Points. Feed the bottles of soda to your pet for a cool prize matching the 2023 Fall Fest leaf prizes, and for a chance to win this year’s grand prize: an Apple Cider Dispenser that delivers a daily serving of Fresh Apple Cider!



  • Hey there arcade enthusiasts! We’re running another Dex Dangerous Arcade Challenge from Monday, September 25th, until Sunday, October 8th! Complete all the tasks before midnight, October 8th (EST) to win a Lunar Lugbotz Poster, along with a NEW Lunar Lugbotz Ride!



  • In September, Deluxe Members will receive their monthly gift box containing a Deluxe Medallion Gift Box filled with pet medallions, a Retro Rainbow Theme Gift Box which you can use to choose an item from the Retro Rainbow room theme, a Wish Token—and of course—the month’s special clothing prize: some Fall Leaf Glasses!



  • If you’ve adopted a Baby Bison from the Ganz eStore, collect a FREE Southwestern ?? Box from the Today’s Activities schedule (desktop app only) on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th! Inside you’ll find something special from the Southwestern theme!



  • And if your pet really wants something sweet, make sure you drop by the Kinzville Park (desktop app only) on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th! Look for the Chili Gummy Candy Tree in the park and then click on it to collect some Chili Pepper Gummies each day! If your pet still craves this sweet treat, you can pick up your own Chili Gummy Candy Tree at the Ganz eStore!



  • We are also running another Bake Sale 1 event in the Webkinz Classic Kinzville Park starting TODAY. The Bake Sale 1 Stand will continue to appear whenever there are no other events on in the Kinzville Park until September 26th! Visit the Kinzville Park each day to look for the stand each day and if you see it, click on it to get your gift box. Inside you’ll find a random baked good which you can either feed to your pet, or you can use it in a stove recipe to create a special prize! You can find all the recipes in the Bake Sale 1 Cookbook, available in the “Books” section of the WShop, under “Fun Stuff”.



  • We’ve updated our prize wheels, and once again, there’s a NEW item to be won on the Wheel of Wow AND the mobile Wheel of WOW! You have until September 26th to spin and win a NEW Bowl of Mac and Cheese that can be placed and displayed on tabletops! We also have some returning prizes on the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!





Oh yeah, that sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Weeks of experiments in fun!


Go Kinzville!








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28 Responses to Update #351: What’s New!

  1. duckess1 says:

    Oh how nice it would be to have a NEW bake sale. Many of us have all the items from Sales 1,2,3 (at least the ones we want).

  2. rlla14 says:

    Sheldon’s Shop seems to have closed and moved. *sigh* When you click on the shop, you just get a wide screen shot of water, no island, no shop, nothing. Other portions of Island stuff seem to work, so it’s just the shop that has glitched.

  3. Duckcall says:

    Any idea as to when the Deluxe box will have something other than the Retro Room theme? I have doubles on many of the items.

  4. tntmonton says:

    Such a busy time! I hope you don’t make the challenges too challenging!

  5. sweetcupcake16 says:

    These updates are amazing, and congratulations to the design winners! PLEASE correct the name of the sand art creator in your post-her name is mariakashkareva97. The second “K” is missing from the announcement.

  6. a5t says:

    Don’t want to miss a day in September!

  7. BH1464 says:

    Wow! That a lot of updates. I’m hoping now I’ll be able to log in to my Next account as I’ve been unable to log in since the previous update. Wish me luck.

  8. courtneyko says:

    Please fix the name on the designer for the sand art jar . You missed the second K in her name. Correct spelling is mariakashkareva97. The K between the h and a is missing.

  9. princesstoast125 says:

    So excited for september, the sand art winners’ name is mariakash”K”areva97! missing the second K in this post!

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