Update #352: What’s New!


Eureka! Hello Kinzville, it’s your new mayor, Goober! Looks like it’s time once again to tell you all about what’s new and exciting in Webkinz Classic for the next few weeks! Let’s check it out:



  • We’ve been adding NEW souvenirs to Sheldon’s Souvenir Shack on the Vacation Island! These souvenirs were selected from our recent fan-design contest! Souvenirs appear randomly each day, and Deluxe Members can buy up to three daily! The final additions are the Seashell Floor Tile by Asheskinz, and the Sheldon Cup by 123Rosie.



  • We’ve also started adding NEW fan-designed clothing to the KinzStyle Outlet! These outfits were selected from our 2022 clothing fan-design contest and are available to everyone for KinzCash! The latest addition is the Victorian Ballgown by InTheGarden2010.



  • We’ve also started adding NEW fan-designed items to the SPREE Mall! These items were selected from our 2022 SPREE fan-design contest and are available to everyone for Mall Credits! The latest addition is the L-Shaped Desk by Msamommy.



  • The 2023 Fall Clothing Line has arrived in Webkinz Classic! Visit the KinzStyle Outlet on the desktop app, or the WShop on the mobile app to pick out some fine fall fashions for your pet! There are also TWO new clothing recipes that can be made by combining certain items of this clothing line together! To make room for the new stock, PJ Collie has retired the 2023 Spring Clothing Line!



  • With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll also find Halloween Costumes for sale in the desktop app’s KinzStyle Outlet, and in the WShop’s Mobile Zone on the mobile app. This year, you can dress your pet up like a mime, or find everything they need for the construction site! You’ll also find a wide selection of costumes from Halloweens past that you can pick up for your pet! All costumes will be available until November 21st!



  • Speaking of Halloween, our NEW fan-designed Halloween room theme arrives in the WShop on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST! Look for the Spooky Campground theme by player IceWonders10 throughout the month, but make sure you scare up all the items before the end of Halloween, October 31st!



  • The October WShop challenge starts on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1! If you complete all the tasks before the end of October, you’ll receive a Spooky Ghost Plushy, along with a Spooky Portable Toilet!



  • The Deluxe monthly challenge for October also starts on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST! If Deluxe Members complete all the tasks before the end of October, you’ll receive a Busy City Soda for your pet to enjoy while traveling down to their NEW Kinzville Subway Station!



  • We’re running another Fall Shopping Spree event from Sunday, October 1st, until Monday, October 9th! Just log in to your Webkinz Classic account on either the desktop app or the mobile app to receive a daily gift of fashionable fall clothing from past collections!



  • Our next Player Appreciation Day for Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next is on Thursday, October 10th! On that day, log in to your Webkinz Classic account (desktop app only) and visit the Today’s Activities schedule to click on and receive your special prize for October: A Creepy Crawly Hat! On Webkinz Next, look for the prize notification in your Message Center at the top right corner of the screen. PLEASE NOTE, this month’s prize CANNOT be traded, sent, and sold on Webkinz Classic.



  • Visit the Antique Shop Clubhouse room, returning to Webkinz Classic from Wednesday, October 11th until Friday, October 20th! Click on the Baby Monkey running the Antique Shop once a day to receive a cool Halloween themed prize from the past!



  • Hey there arcade enthusiasts! We’re running another Triple Strike Solitaire Trophy Challenge from Monday, October 16th, until Sunday, October 29th! Complete all the tasks before midnight, October 29th (EST) to win a Cut the Cards Counter, along with the Triple Strike Solitaire Trophy!



  • The ghost is returning to the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse! Visit the Haunted Reading Room (desktop app only) starting Friday, October 20th, until midnight (EST) Tuesday, October 31st, and wait for him to appear. When he does, click on him to collect some classic candies! Once you’ve collected all 12 candies, you’ll unlock this year’s spook-tacular prize: a Haunted CampKinz Cabin!



  • October’s Deluxe Day is on Sunday, October 22nd! When the day arrives, just visit the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get your special prize for October: some Stacked O’Lanterns!



  • In October, Deluxe Members will receive their monthly gift box containing a Deluxe Medallion Gift Box filled with pet medallions, a Retro Rainbow Theme Gift Box which you can use to choose an item from the Retro Rainbow room theme, a Wish Token—and of course—the month’s special clothing prize: a Candy Top!



  • And if your pet really wants something sweet, make sure you drop by the Kinzville Park (desktop app only) on Saturday, October 21st and Sunday, October 22nd! Look for the Black Cherry Lollipop Tree in the park and then click on it to collect a Black Cherry Lollipop every day! If your pet still craves this sweet treat, you can pick up your own Black Cherry Lollipop Tree at the Ganz eStore!



  • We are also running another Bake Sale 2 event in the Webkinz Classic Kinzville Park starting TODAY. The Bake Sale 2 Stand will continue to appear whenever there are no other events on in the Kinzville Park until October 24th! Visit the Kinzville Park each day to look for the stand each day and if you see it, click on it to get your gift box. Inside you’ll find a random baked good which you can either feed to your pet, or you can use it in a stove recipe to create a special prize! You can find all the recipes in the Bake Sale 2 Cookbook, available in the “Books” section of the WShop, under “Fun Stuff”.



  • We’ve updated our prize wheels, and once again, there’s a NEW item to be won on the Wheel of Wow AND the mobile Wheel of WOW! You have until October 24th to spin and win a NEW Hot Dog Roller Grill! We also have some returning prizes on the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!





Oh yeah, that sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Weeks of experiments in fun!


Go Kinzville!








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43 Responses to Update #352: What’s New!

  1. cutiepie0225 says:

    The candy top isn’t tradeable, can this be fixed next maintenance? The deluxe clothing item has always been tradeable in the past

  2. mkd61_mkd says:

    The sheldon cup looks adorable. I would love one of them. Let me know about the blue winged window. I have one more I can send. Mila thank you once again for the gifts

    • Mila14 says:

      I’m so happy to send you the Seashell Floor Tiles when they appear – it has appeared twice now. I don’t believe the Sheldon Cup has appeared yet – if it has, I missed it. I will be happy to send you several of those. Also, thank you for all the Blue Winged Windows. I finished my room, and now I have a few extras. I don’t need the last one, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you giving me your extras. If there is anything else you are looking for, let me know. Thanks again.

      • mkd61_mkd says:

        Thank you again for the tiles that you have sent. I love them so much. They have to be one of my all time favorites. I am glad you liked the windows. Thanks again Mila14

      • mkd61_mkd says:

        Hi Mila14. Just wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful gifts that you have sent. I appreciate your kindness

        • Mila14 says:

          I love sending you the Seashell Floor Tiles and will continue to do so. I believe they have appeared 4 or 5 times – I’ve lost track. Thank you for all the awesome gifts you have sent. Please let me know if there is any other Sheldon Souvenirs you would also like to receive. Have a great week!

        • Mila14 says:

          I hope you see this message Mamakinz10 and want to thank you for the amazing gifts you recently sent. I appreciate your friendship and the gifts, but I wanted to tell you that one of them is a rare retired item (in case you didn’t know). I enjoy sending you the Seashell Floor Tiles because I know how much you love them. That brings me joy! You are so sweet and kind and I love sending them to you. Thanks again!

  3. IloveShadowandSadie says:

    question, is there kids still on this game or adults reliving their childhood?

  4. corylusamericana says:

    Hello! It’s October 1st, and the Spooky Campground theme is not in the WShop under “New Items” or “Themes N-Z”. Can anyone tell me how to buy the new WShop theme please? Thank you!

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