Update: What’s New in Webkinz World

We’ve got a big Webkinz World update today, with a brand new community feature and new items. Here’s some of the fresh content new to Webkinz World today:

  • Communal Contests: Connect with the Webkinz Community using our new Communal Contests feature, where you can vote for prizes and participate in competitions! Visit the new “Communal Contest” section to participate!
  • New Mega-Recipes: We’ve cooked up five new Mega-Recipes for you to find with your Mega-Stove! Can you find the new recipes?
  • New Items: The second half of the Galaxy theme joins the long list of items in Webkinz World this week. There are quite a few surprises coming soon on the Ganz eStore in the future, too!
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve also fixed a few bugs this week, including a problem that was occasionally preventing players from trading in KinzChat Plus Clubhouse rooms, an issue with the Green Score MyPage widget added with Keeping The Park Clean, and an issue with Quizzy’s Calendar where the Calendar would reset itself when closed.

Keep your eyes peeled here on Webkinz Newz and on the Kinzville Times newspaper in Webkinz World for even more details about the new content in the coming days. What do you think of this new update? Let us know in the comments!

2,253 Responses to Update: What’s New in Webkinz World

  1. Bethany Cioni says:

    I can not find any of the trash.

  2. Tj Pink says:

    Webkinz is my favorite website. I can not wait to see what webkinz does next I like to see new pets and I really liked the Jessie room. I hope they bring the Jessie room back. Jessie is such a cool tv show.

  3. EMILYCHEN123 says:


  4. pumpkin7203 says:

    I’ve been blogging many of my comments to Webkinz fans for a while now, and I think ‘Update: New Things In Webkinz World’ is cool and useful. I didn’t know what a useful thing Webkinz Newz was, and I never even knew it exsisted. I love blogging, so I like putting my comments everywhere!
    When I logged in today, I chose Webkinz Newz as my favorites! :) They also showed me the ‘Mega Recipe’ article for today’s newspaper. Chef Gasphacho, and Chef Souffle, you’ve done it again!

  5. molly says:

    love this contest

  6. PANGWIN says:


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