Valentine’s Week on Webkinz Next!

This time around, the celebration lasts all week! From February 7 to 14 (8 days!), complete the challenge to collect your Valentine’s prize. You’ll also have enough time to make up to 3 of the special bouquets! There is not a separate Valentine’s log in gift this year.

Look for the challenge at the left hand side of the screen. There are four tasks to complete to get all the prizes and the Bouquet of Roses is a repeatable prize you can create on the crafting table up to 3 times!

You can collect 5 roses per day, so that’s 40 over the course of the event. That’s enough for 3 Bouquets, so be sure to collect the material box at least twice in that time to get the 6 glass you’ll need. The flowers can be collected even after you finish the challenge. But make sure you craft your Bouquets by the 14th — the recipe disappears at midnight!

You can find the roses scattered about Kinzville! If you’re having trouble finding all 5 for the day, try leaving Kinzville and coming back to reset it.

There will be a floating heart, too, which gives you Cinnamon Hearts. You can collect 5 per day and you’ll need 10 for the challenge, but the heart will be floating the whole time, even after you finish the challenge, until midnight on Feb 14.
To recap:

  • Challenge lasts from Feb 7 until midnight Feb 14 KinzTime (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Heart floaty clicky lasts from Feb 7 until midnight Feb 14 KinzTime – collect 5 a day
  • Flower collection lasts from Feb 7 until midnight Feb 14 KinzTime – collect 5 a day
  • Recipe for the bouquet lasts from Feb 7 until midnight Feb 14 KinzTime – you need 12 flowers and 2 glass for each bouquet.

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10 Responses to Valentine’s Week on Webkinz Next!

  1. Zooooooz says:

    I’m glad I saved up my material pick packs so I have enough glass :)

  2. nanamama12 says:

    I made my first vase yesterday! It’s so pretty!

  3. coolelijah says:

    that recap at the bottom really makes it easy to see when the events end!

  4. beerfeet says:

    Thanks for a new challenge. It sure is hard to find the flowers in town, they are so small. I ran around town looking and accidentally walked over one.

  5. pinky548n says:

    how can you make 3 vases the quests gone grrr

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The recipe is available on the crafting table until midnight, February 14, and all of the collection events continue until midnight, February 14, as mentioned several times. You should consider being a little more polite if you’d like to continue posting here.

  6. Ibesawebkinzplayer says:

    Yay! sooooo excited!!

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