Virtual Pet-A-Day Giveaway Suspended due to Technical Issue


Due to a technical issue, we have had to suspend the Virtual Pet-a-Day Giveaway of the Marshmallow Chipmunk for the time being.


Nuts and Bolts are busy working on the issue, and as soon as we have it fixed we will bring the Virtual Pet-a-Day Giveaway back – with BONUS prizes.


Thank you for understanding!

44 Responses to Virtual Pet-A-Day Giveaway Suspended due to Technical Issue

  1. ImaPepper says:

    Thanks for fixing the issue with the Treasure Hunt–you guys are awesome! :-)

  2. sciencesplat says:

    marshmallows probably got stuck in the gears and bolts! maybe a less sticky pet next time :)

  3. animalsmatter1 says:

    Thank you for letting us know, Ganz! Agree with other player who said now we can all be patient, until Nuts and Bolts figure out how to fix it. Good luck, everyone!

  4. SunsetSparkle says:

    I hope we kind knows we won’t hold anything against them. At east I won’t. I love how much they care!

    • SunsetSparkle says:

      I meant to say “I hope they know that we are all supportive about this and will not hold a grudge of anykind against them and hope the problem can be fixed

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