Visit Holly in the Clubhouse TODAY!


Holly Hopper’s started planning the big Webkinz Day parade to recognize our fan community with the release of our new fan design, the Wolverine! She’ll be working in the Community Room in the Clubhouse every day from April 10 to 29.


Stop by the Clubhouse and pick up a community cupcake from Holly every day. The three cupcakes celebrate our Classic Community, our Webkinz Next Community, and the Webkinz Newz Community. You can feed them to your pet, or combine all three on a stove to create a Community Cake Slice you can place in your pet’s room!


On Webkinz Day, Holly will be giving out a poster with the cupcake recipe so you never forget this wonderful celebration of community!



46 Responses to Visit Holly in the Clubhouse TODAY!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    The count down is on, only 3 more days to collect Community Cupcakes I still have one of my accounts that has not been awarded the Classic Community Cupcake. I did get 12 Newz Community Cupcakes and 6 Webkinz Community Cupcakes so far. I sure hope that you will consider changing how items are awarded for events like this in the future. :(

  2. 2manywebbies2count says:

    This is really sad…there are only three days left to collect community cupcakes from Holly Hopper I have visited her every day, still have not received the Classic Community Cupcake I guess I won’t be able to make the Community Cake Slice. Disappointed!!!!! :(

  3. pklounger says:

    I have a few I could spare. I’ll send you a couple. I could use the Golden Solar pants if you have a pair. Username pklounger.

  4. BugsGirlGirl says:

    Anyone have an extra New Community Cupcake???? I only get the other ones and I want to make the cake slice. My user is BugsGirlGirl. Thx <3

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