Wacky Celebration at the eStore

Hi guys!

Hopefully you’re all enjoying the Wacky Celebration festivities that’s going on in Webkinz World. Do you have a dedicated Wacky room? I have a bunch of fun items in Ganz eStore that really highlight Wacky’s personality and they are available until August 31.


Everyone loves dispensers and the Zingoz Candy Apple Tree doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get a free daily Wacky Candy Apple when you click on the tree.



There’s also a fun round Wacky Bed because even the most mischievous Webkinz needs a nap every now and then.


And why not cool off in the Inflated Zingoz Pool? It’s like swimming in Wacky’s mouth!

There’s lots more to see, so what are you waiting for?!


21 Responses to Wacky Celebration at the eStore

  1. Suwalleis says:

    Wacky never get’s old … getting hit all the time you feel he would be dead… he get’s right back up and takes a hit again.., he makes my day… playing game and seeing him smile…. can’t help but laugh it his face…. ILW… Happy faces….

  2. blindfold11201 says:

    Actually, I do have a dedicated Wacky room. It’s one of my pet’s (now don’t laugh or laugh all you want hahaha) Bathroom. I think it’s adorable!

  3. blindfold11201 says:

    That’s really cool. Awesome!

  4. Spiderhulkman says:

    That is Amazing!!!

  5. natalie13 says:

    I want the BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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