We Want to Know – Games Edition

We want to know

Hi, everyone…. Ella here! We’re looking to hear from Webkinz World players, so here’s your chance to let us know what you think! Our next topic involves games in Webkinz World. Here’s the question:

We want to know

Not including dailies (things like the Wheel of WOW, Jumbleberry Fields, SPREE), what are your 3 favorite games? They do not have to be from the Arcade.

We want to know

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342 Responses to We Want to Know – Games Edition

  1. kittenhideout says:

    Okay now, this one is waaaaay to hard to pick only 3; I have so many favorites! But, I suppose I would have to answer Booger Gets an A, the Kinzpost Sorter job and Pizza Palace. On the topic of games though, is there any chance of the arcade being reorganized? Right now there are 7 games between the deluxe wheel and the wishing well that need to find their alphabetical home. Also, I really prefer how the dailies (Wishing Well, Spree, Jumbleberry Fields) used to be all at the top with the Wheel of WOW and Wheel of Deluxe, and am wondering if there’s any thought or plan to put it back that way? Thank you for providing us a place to voice our opinions! I am sorry I am so late in writing mine down.

  2. granma4 says:

    Not sure if you are still looking at this but I hope so. I think it would be great if when we go looking for gems if we find the gem of the day we could get an extra prize for finding it. I think more people would play if that could happen.

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