Webkinz Black Labrador Unboxing Video!


We gave you a sneak peek at this pet in an earlier Webkinz Newz story, and now we’d like to present to you our newest Webkinz plush pet, the Black Labrador!


Check out this unboxing video, revealing the Black Labrador in action!





The Black Labrador is the kind of loyal friend you’ll always love to spend time with! This delightful dog loves to play, so give them something fun to do, like splashing around in their Playful Splash Pad! Play time can also make them quite hungry, so make sure you feed them something nourishing like some Black Bean Soup!


Here’s a look at the Black Labrador plush, along with all of the items you’ll get when adopting one:





Want a plush Black Labrador all your own? This and other Webkinz plush pets are now available for order directly from the Ganz eStore!







What would you name this lovely loyal pet?


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Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, June 4th, 2017.



27 Responses to Webkinz Black Labrador Unboxing Video!

  1. chloe123321 says:

    I would name her Black Bean

  2. Jole1993 says:

    I would name him Midnight

  3. sylviawill says:

    I would name him Boomer.

  4. hasha says:

    I would call her lady

  5. DanceKinz says:

    I would name her Krissy.

  6. greenmagic77 says:

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining. Webkinz just brought in a NEW pet. You guys should be excited and thankful for this new pet. It is adorable! Sure it is similar to the other labs but the other labs are retired and people are always talking about how they want the retired pets back but this is how they bring them back by making a similar pet! The labs are also very popular. Remember the new chocolate lab? This one looks similar to it, so they will also probably bring a blonde one too. I am sure Ganz is not running out of ideas. I am sure they have a ton! They have so many request to bring back retired pets. When they try to do it you guys complain. Be thankful! You guys should be thanking Ganz! This is after all what a ton of you wanted. Thank you Ganz! With lots of love ~greenmagic77 ❤

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      CORRECTION: Cocoa Lab

      • megamom12 says:

        I didn’t realize that the other labs are retired. I have a Black Lab whom I named Jeremy. My grandson and I went and found him in the bin because out of curiosity I wanted to compare mine to the new one. Steve is right about the nose. Mine has a leather nose. Both are soft and fun to cuddle so that’s a plus! (My grandson tested the cuddling thing extensively!) Besides, you can’t really have too many dogs!!!!

        • greenmagic77 says:

          Lol! Thank you mlp. But, they do both mean about the same thing. My point is to just tell everyone to be thankful because all of the negative comments might be hurting Ganz feelings. Megamom12 true, you can’t have too many dogs! Lol!

  7. kin2832 says:

    I would name him Blake.

  8. ferretfuzzbut says:


  9. RKitty13 says:

    I would name him Black licorice

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