Webkinz Chipmunk Unboxing Video!


We gave you a sneak peek at this pet in an earlier Webkinz Newz story, and now we’d like to present to you our newest Webkinz plush pet, the Chipmunk!


Check out this unboxing video, revealing the Chipmunk in action!





You’ll definitely want to add this bushy-tailed friend to your family of Webkinz pets! This chipper Chipmunk likes to nest up in the trees, so have them rest atop their Tree Hollow Bed! And when they’re foraging for food, feed them a yummy snack, like some Chewy Cashew Chips!


Here’s a look at the Chipmunk plush, along with all the items you’ll get when adopting one:





Want a plush Chipmunk all your own? This and other Webkinz plush pets are now available for order directly from the Ganz eStore!







What would you name this nutty little pet?


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Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, June 25th, 2017.


43 Responses to Webkinz Chipmunk Unboxing Video!

  1. robinroyal says:

    While I don’t think it’s as cute as your original chipmunk, I really like the fact that it does look different and isn’t just a duplicate.

  2. sambear2 says:

    I would name this Chipmunk A L V I N !!!!!!. (LOL,)(Like in the Chipmunks.)

  3. PurpleFox says:

    Wow, his online coloring and design is different from your usual Webkinz! I like it, it’s interesting!

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