Webkinz Husky Pup Unboxing Video!


We gave you a sneak peek at this pet in an earlier Webkinz Newz story, and now we’d like to present to you our newest Webkinz plush pet, the Husky Pup!


Check out this unboxing video, revealing the Husky Pup in action!



The adorable Husky Pup is definitely one dog that you’ll want to hitch up to your team of Webkinz pets! This precious pup needs lots of sleep for those growing bones, so make sure they get a good rest in their Cool Crib! Like most little ones, they are a quite particular about what they want to eat, so make sure you feed them their favorite food at snack time: some Mackerel Mush!


Here’s a look at the Husky Pup plush, along with all of the items you’ll get when adopting one:





Want a plush Husky Pup all your own? This and other Webkinz plush pets are now available for order directly from the Ganz eStore!





What would you name this precocious pup?


Enter our Contest here! Suggestions in the comments will not be entered into the contest.


Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018.



35 Responses to Webkinz Husky Pup Unboxing Video!

  1. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    GiAnT hUsKy. I really hope I can find a cheap plush sometime. =P I named my virtual one Xenneth a couple of years ago.

  2. PandaSkittles13 says:

    title=”It won’t let me” I go into the contest thing to enter the name I would give the husky pup, and the contest sheet is blanc! How am I supposed to give a name?

  3. PandaSkittles13 says:

    I ordered this pup just a few days ago! It will be coming next week for me, and this vid just made me feel like its EVEN HARDER to wait for! I can’t wait to play with this pup on webkinz!

  4. TropicalGirl says:

    I love this unboxing video; the husky pup plush is so cute and Steve, you really highlighted some of its unique features. Love the PSI, too! My favorite was that adorable little onesie outfit. Where is it from?

  5. behe123 says:

    Why just Canada and USA? It isn’t a contest like “How many…?”?(I know it is a contest where you can write at comments)

  6. behe123 says:

    I want to entrer this contest, but i am not from Canada or USA. :(

  7. puppies4me says:

    Cute pup, but from what I could see, the difference in eye color is really not noticeable on the plushy; and the eyes are both grey in the “New Pet”/ “Let’s See” ad to the right of the comment section.

  8. Cubluv191 says:

    He is so adorable!!

  9. MintyKinz467 says:

    HE IS SO CUTE! I HOPE I WIN! I actually am glad they aren’t doing the plush for the grand prize anymore because if I got it, I wouldn’t be able to have it; only the virtual. I’m allergic to dust, so I have to freeze all of my stuffed animals in the freezer overnight, and then I can get them back. XP

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