Webkinz is Free to Play!

Webkinz is Now FREE to Play!

We are proud to announce that Webkinz is now FREE to play! Previously the only way to experience the fun of Webkinz World required the upfront purchase of a Pet. But now FREE members will be able to create an account using either a basic Dog or Cat that they can take care of, in addition to many other fun features.

The limitations for Free Membership include:

  • A limit of 2 rooms for your pet
  • A limited number of items that can be stored in your Dock
  • No access to trade rooms
  • No access to sending items via KinzPost
  • Limited access to Arcade and Tournament Arena games
  • Limited access to Daily Activities (Deluxe and Pet of the Month activities are still unlocked separately)
  • Limited selection of items in the W Shop, KinzStyle Outlet and Curio Shop
  • Limited access to classes in the Kinzville Academy
  • Limited access to jobs in the Employment Office
  • Limited friends list
  • No access to Quizzy’s Discovery Zone or Signature Safari questions in Quizzy’s and a limit to the number of questions per category
  • No ability to turn off 3rd party advertising

As with Full Membership, certain areas will still require a Feature Code to unlock them. Free memberships won’t expire and can be upgraded at any time to a Full Membership for 1 year by using a paid Webkinz Pet Secret Code.

You can also upgrade your account by using one of our Deluxe Membership options. You can learn more about Deluxe Membership here.Be sure to tell your friends – now’s the time to check out Webkinz World and play for free!

568 Responses to Webkinz is Free to Play!

  1. Skater_Mochi says:

    me love this

  2. pompom323 says:

    Well, I need to say something about this. Ganz, first, you get rid of Doctor quack, you make accounts expire after 1 year of working hard to fill up more than 5 pets, and you turn a wonderful game for little kids into a useless, pay to play game that makes these iddocent account have to deal with going into the kinzstlye outlet each day and being heartbroken to see that the dress that they really wanted is only for the deluxe? You have limited WAY to much. If you want your money, you should not have done this to your fans. To late now, I guess! Better do something about those 2,000 accounts you have left!! Good day.

  3. pjudt says:

    I wish that webkinz would let the free accounts send other people things because my sister has a free account that she stopped using and she wants to give her stuff to me.

    • PorterTheDog says:

      While I can see why this is annoying, the reason for this is to prevent duplicate rare items. For example, let’s say I want something else from a code I found. This system prevents me from making a new account and just getting unlimited amounts of items. Though I do agree that maybe it can be altered to make an age limit on the account (maybe 3 months or older then free accounts can send things?).

    • HeHe169 says:

      They did this so you couldn’t give your free account free deluxe items

  4. amunchkin17 says:

    I have had a webkinz account since 2008 and it’s telling me that I have a free account. This is very frustrating because I have over 20 pets, that I have payed for.

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