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Berry Festival Floaty Clicky on Webkinz Newz!


The Webkinz Newz Berry Festival Event has begun and runs until midnight on July 28th! Read more


There’s an Amazing NEW Deluxe clothing item for March!

March 2013 Deluxe Clothing Item

Every month Deluxe Members receive a special piece of clothing like this Forest Archer Dress! Read more


GanzWorld events are reset after 24 hours

Remember: All GanzWorld events are reset after 24 hours  (and not at midnight) so you will have to wait a full 24 hours from your last prize redemption until you can win again. In order to clear your cache, just follow these simple, browser-specific directions. On Google Chrome…   Click on the Google Chrome Control Menu button in the top right corner of the screen. Select Tools > Clear Browsing Data A new tab will open; make sure ‘Empty the Cache’ and ‘Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data’ are selected in the check boxes. Click ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and you’re done!   On Mozilla Firefox Select Tools in the top menu. Select Clear Recent History. When the pop up window comes up, make sure that you select an appropriate time range to clear and that the Cookies and Cache boxes are checked. Click Clear Now and you’re done!   On Internet Explorer 9 Click the Gear at the top right corner of the settings menu. Select Safety > Delete Browsing History. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected. Uncheck all of the other boxes. Click Delete and you’re done!   On Safari In the Safari Menu (top left) … Read more


It’s a Fast Food Frenzy in Webkinz Friends!

Webkinz Friends Fast Food Frenzy!

It’s time to get a part time job at Kinzville’s local Fast Food Restaurant… play the NEW Fast Food Frenzy Challenge on Webkinz Friends! Read more


Special Announcement! The Caring Valley Is Retiring…

Caring Valley Retirement

… but there’s still time left to support the Caring Valley! Until January 9, 2013, you can redeem your Caring Valley codes and plant your saplings to help us help others, as well as to receive your special Enchanted Tree prize! Read more


Grow Your Happy Family in Webkinz Friends!

Adopt a Pet in WKF

Did you know that when you add pets to your Webkinz Friends family, you can add more entertainment buildings and fun businesses to increase your KinzCash and, in turn, your town’s quality? Read more


Make Melanie your pet’s buddy today!


Your pet will love having a sweet friend fluttering around! Read more


Send Prizes to Webkinz World from Webkinz Friends!


Webkinz Friends: It’s a brand new way to earn special items and enjoy them with your pet.
Read more


Amazing World Share Center Contest!


Want to win a new virtual Zing for your Free Amazing World Account? Read more


Breaking Newz: Shortcut to the Map of Kinzville!

Quick Link to Kinzville Map!

Get to Kinzville Map quickly and easily from all sorts of new places in Webkinz World! Read more


Win an Amazing World prize for your Webkinz World account!

Amazing World Event in Webkinz World!

Win an Amazing World Holiday Wreath for your Webkinz Room! Read more


Play Webkinz Friends on the iPad, Win a Rockerz Limo!

Rockerz Limo Giveaway

Webkinz Friends is now free to download and play on the iPad! And if you download now, you could win an awesome Rockerz Limo to send to your Webkinz World account! Read more


Waddell’s Icecap Adventure

Capture red and gold fish for more points! Waddell loves ice fishing! Can you help him avoid the seals and holes in the ice and catch more fish? How fast can you skate and how high can you score? Waddell’s Icecap Adventure is available for all Deluxe Members only!  Go Deluxe at Ganz eStore!


Bounce ‘n Burst

Press the space bar to launch your feathers! Help Livingston burst all the Burstos! Pass 20 levels to beat the game and win a trophy! Keep trying until all the small Burstos are gone! This super-cool game is available to Deluxe Members only!  Go Deluxe at Ganz eStore!


Webkinz is Fun, Free and now Faster!


We’ve been working hard to make Webkinz World even better! Read more

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