Berry Festival Floaty Clicky on Webkinz Newz!

The Webkinz Newz Berry Festival Event has begun and runs until midnight on July 28th!

Find the floating empty Jar Jam on Webkinz Newz and a random virtual Berry Festival prize of a Jam Jar filled with one of four flavors of jam will be added to your Webkinz World account!
You never know which flavor of Jam Jar you’ll receive so be sure to visit every day for a chance to win them all!
Learn more about the Webkinz Berry Festival HERE!
Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.  Note: if you aren’t logged into GanzWorld or don’t have a GanzWorld account linked to your Webkinz World account, you must log in to your Webkinz World account from the pop-up window to receive your prize. If you do not receive a notification when you then log in to Webkinz World, be sure to check your dock.

62 Responses to Berry Festival Floaty Clicky on Webkinz Newz!

  1. MonkeyMooApple says:

    I wonder what prize those will give?

  2. happypuppy65 says:


  3. guruanna says:

    Love the Berry Festival! Where are all the Jars??? My friends on several Webkinz groups and I have been looking for floaters and peek-a-news characters, etc daily. These items are Very Hard to find. I have been on the Newz at least One to Two Hours Each Day and have only seen Two Jars. My kids where hoping for at least one of each jar, for their collection. I was hoping things would appear/float faster so that I could spend more time outside with my children. Thank You for listening and providing us with such a Fun Berry Festival, even though the things on the newz are slow. Thanking You!

  4. luvwebs2 says:

    I noticed that I can all the jars are kinzpostable EXCEPT the moonberry marmalade. That would I can’t send. I hope they change that!!! Also has the campaign expired early? When I clicked on the jam jar today, that is the message I got over and over.

  5. SugarsGrammy says:

    purple jam jars only. clicking on them does not add them to my account. clicking on them tells me that the promotion has ended :(

  6. kyarapinky says:

    i have them all exept jumbleberry jam

  7. katiebee14 says:

    i only ever see the moonberry jar, has anyone got any other jars? i thought we had to collect them all

  8. kyarapinky says:

    i want jumbleberry jam

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