Webkinz Next Halloween Gift!


A spooky treat!


Don’t forget to check your messages for the 2023 Webkinz Next Halloween Gift.



Drag the giftbox into your room and click on it to open it.



This year’s spooky surprise includes a Ghost Potion.



Feed it to your pet and a fun ghost friend will follow them around for the day. Use the potion up to three times.



Don’t forget, the Trick or Treat Event and the Ghost Hunt end today. Did you collect both Ghost Hunt costumes? Were you able to collect the super rare Halloween Stereo? Tell us in the comments!




Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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25 Responses to Webkinz Next Halloween Gift!

  1. KSC says:

    I love the ghost potion and super cute ghost plushy. Those made my day.

  2. piggitime says:

    The ghost plush is great. More please. The potion bottle is cool but is there a way to have permanent pet buddies in Next instead of just potion ghosts that fade? As for Spooky, he was a huge struggle to catch. I did luck up on one stereo, and enough dragon suits for all of my pets even after I added two vampire kittens. Not enough feet or masks to go around, though. Did get some Medusa pieces. But yeah…I need tiny ghosts who can haunt my pets forever. And tiny pet buddy dragons, And other pet buddies. Next needs pet buddies. And more plush. I would have liked to land on the werewolf plush more often on the wheel of wow. One time the entire month. (if this doubleposts sorry, but I clicked submit and it did the ‘slow down’ thing even though this is my first comment in days and I only clicked once.)

  3. 100dogs says:

    I did get all 3 i got multiple snake and dragon costumes and won some super rare Halloween Stereo. Many pets want it since it is rare. I did not know there was one in classic. Someone told me in next that there was one in classic. The ghost was annoying to find in the mines when you go to mines is so big and hard to find him that is why most pets would just stay in park since it is easier to get the ghost. It is a lot easier that way. I did wish that the blue monster or old costume where able to get since it is SO HARD TO GET THE blue monster costume and candy corn costume in trade. Anyway thank you for having the ghost in next GANZ :)

  4. rachelgirl192 says:

    such a cute ghost, thank you.

  5. megamom12 says:

    I managed 1 Dragon Head and 2 Dragon Feet…..

  6. Mummabean says:

    I too collected the maximum costume pieces daily but did not get the stereo. My friend also collected max but no stereo. It was fun and having friends invite me was also very helpful.

  7. frog601 says:

    I did win ONE stereo. I didn’t get all 33, but sometimes ghosty just wouldn’t show. I had trouble getting the armband. Players were nice about announcing, I tried to as well.

  8. wingsfan65 says:

    I managed to collect all the pieces of the Dragon and Medusa costumes, but I didn’t get the Hallowe’en Stereo. Love the costumes!

  9. DanceKinz says:

    Thanks for a fun Halloween! I was able to collect the costumes and somehow I was lucky enough to win the spooky stereo.

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