Webkinz Party Gear is Here!


Planning a birthday party? Why not invite Webkinz?


Visit the Webkinz Store at Zazzle.com for Webkinz-branded party supplies, invitations, gift bags and more!

30 Responses to Webkinz Party Gear is Here!

  1. dancerellabella4 says:

    yes i know thats to high price!!!!! :0

  2. ellie7905711 says:

    cute items Ganz, but expensive.

  3. rksovis1 says:

    why is it so expensive! everything is so cool but I would have to save up all of my money just to get a 60 dollar blanket when I could use the money and get a whole bunch of webkinz on eBay or the eStore. WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE WHAAA!!!!!!!!

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