Webkinz Room Design Awards – Vote Now!



Voting has officially ended. Stay tuned… we will be posting the results this afternoon!


Congratulations to the finalists! If you are picked as one of the Room Design Award winners, please check your email on Wednesday for a message from the Webkinz social media team that will explain how to get your trophy… Good luck!


7 Responses to Webkinz Room Design Awards – Vote Now!

  1. WebkinzVeteran97 says:

    Good luck to all of the entries!

  2. Mila14 says:

    Remember, you get to vote for your top 5 rooms, not the usual 3 rooms.

  3. hipeeeeeee says:

    never mind i found out

  4. hipeeeeeee says:

    how do i know what the rooms look like?

  5. vanessadafonte08 says:

    Hotel Lobby and Cafe by Alishac, Starry Night by Jbone9, and Gem Room by Perriwinkle58 are all amazing and got my votes ☺️ -Van

  6. Storm_kinz says:


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