Webkinz Room Designs – April 27, 2021


I hope that you are are well and having fun playing Webkinz! I have 25 more designs to show you today, including Hagrid’s Hut, a Whimsical Treetop Bedroom and a Children’s Dentist:



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Congratulations to everyone featured today! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards.


Feel free to send me a screenshot of your favorite Webkinz or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. You can email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.


44 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – April 27, 2021

  1. catloverdoglover says:

    I love the Upscale Condo!

  2. unikitty11_ says:

    Checkers! Such a great idea! I would have never thought of that! So clever! Great Job y’all!!

  3. d3999 says:

    Children’s Dentist for the win! Love it! So clever. I also liked the Zoo, again, great ideas. SO many of these designs are so fun!

  4. ojibwa says:

    These are great! I especially love the Zoo and Twilight’s Home!

  5. unclejim says:

    that ZOO wow! Great job all

  6. momijidoll1 says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my Valentine Garden along with all these incredible designs.

  7. haiku48 says:

    I cannot pick just one room. They are all outstanding!!! Excellence every single one!!

  8. Morninglight says:

    Great rooms

  9. angel0krystal says:

    Oh my so many wonderful rooms!

  10. Tommythepanda says:

    So many great room designs again, with such variety! From Hagrid’s Hut (with Aragog, the Forbbiden Forest, the pumpkin patch, a dragon, his motorbike, and what appears to be Buckbeak) to a desert scene, a great Halloween Party, a storage unit, a couple of storybook rooms, two outside Valentine’s Day rooms, a school cafeteria (so very different from what I remember of versions from previous Room Design posts), both an inside and outside St. Patrick’s Day room, an Autumn-themed room, a diner unlike designs shared earlier, and a checkers-themed room (which, because of Hagrid’s Hut, makes me think about a certain chess game from Harry Potter).

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