Webkinz Room Designs – April 8, 2023


I hope you have had fun collecting chocolate eggs! I can’t wait to share your spring room designs with the Webkinz Newz community. Don’t forget to log in to Webkinz Classic tomorrow to claim your Spring Celebration Gift Basket!


I have twenty more room designs to share with you today, including a Study Chambers, Parade Room and a Chilly Cave:



Congratulations to today’s designers! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!


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Anyone can send me a screenshot of their favorite Webkinz Next or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. Just email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.


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16 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – April 8, 2023

  1. Bubblilious says:

    I liked everyone’s designs. What caught my eye besides the unique wallpapers was the different course study areas in STUDY CHAMBERS by Hipposnort and the unique building in KINZVILLE by Roxana. I don’t think I have seen some of those nor do I know where you got them. Did you have to win the Diner one and the building beside it? I wonder where they came from. I would appreciate some help with this.

  2. journeyville says:

    Hello Happy Spring ! Please what wall paper is the Dazzlng Dining Room ? It is so beautiful we hope it is in the W Shop !

  3. lucylane556 says:

    Thanks for showing meh room!

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