Webkinz Room Designs – March 19, 2024


Congratulations to the winners of the most recent Room Design Awards! If you missed the results, you can see them HERE.


I have twenty new rooms to show you today, and of course, everyone featured has the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!



Congratulations to today’s designers! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!


Anyone can send me a screenshot of their favorite Webkinz Next or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. Just email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.


Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



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12 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – March 19, 2024

  1. lilyme says:

    so happy I had my st. patricks day room featured. It was so fun to make!

  2. cecedancer406 says:

    I love all of these creative room designs. I am ecstatic to have my Webkinz Toy Store room featured. I love collecting Webkinz plushies and thought this would be a creative way to display them.

  3. serach says:

    These are great! I especially love the outdoor pizzeria – so creative

  4. treasure16 says:

    Hi Sally! Do you know where you can get an Amanda Panda plush toy for your pet’s room? I can find one in the W-Shop. I really want one for my Webkinz Next Panda’s room! Thank you! :D

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    Congratulations to all the trophy winners that were announced yesterday!! This is another new and great batch of rooms to admire – congratulations to everyone who is featured – a big shoutout to my forum friend cecedancer- I love your Webkinz Toy Store – well done!

    • cecedancer406 says:

      Thank you. I had a lot of fun creating it. I submitted it a while ago and had completely forgotten about it. I was super excited to see in on here today!

  6. SugarP says:

    Are there any tips or tricks for collecting rare curio items in Next? Because I’ve noticed that there are rarely ever any items between 7pm-1pm. So then do most of them show up in the afternoon between 1pm and 7pm? I’m usually busy in the middle of the day so I’ve mostly been checking 7pm-1pm and haven’t had much luck. And it’s just a bit disheartening when I’ve been checking 6 time slots a day out of the 8 time slots and barely encounter any rares. I mean, I know that the items being rare is kind of the whole point of it but I would’ve thought I’d be seeing more rare items if I’ve been checking 6 out of 8 time slots a day.

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