Webkinz Trendz May 13, 2018

Today Michelle from eStore visits Michael and me in the studio and we look at the latest styles sent in by our players!


And Ganz eStore is the place to be on May 16 when Deluxe members can get this adorable Tawny Cat hat for FREE as part of our Deluxe Customer Appreciation Day! Look for the rest of the outfit pieces in more eStore Customer Appreciation Days and other promotions in the coming months!


Missed the last Trendz? You can check it out here.

Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com.

33 Responses to Webkinz Trendz May 13, 2018

  1. snuglilbug says:

    Aww shoot. I was busy yesterday and completely forgot about this :( I wish they gave us a few days to redeem this, after all we are not deluxe members for only a day.

  2. mar1ed2 says:

    i’ve been a deluxe member for years now and did not receive the cat hat, i can’t understand why not. Please look into this matter for me and any other deluxe meber who also didn’t get these. Thank you

  3. Rachel_Calla93 says:

    I wasn’t able to get my hat. I’m a deluxe member but the estore didn’t register that I am. I feel sad.

    • sef62 says:

      You can call the Ganz Estore to correct that. Look under contact on lower part of page and then I think Webkinz, but you will have to look around. It is an 800 number. Toll free.

  4. megamom12 says:

    Thank you Mandy Webkinz for keeping me company on my dinner break. You look darling as always. Say, is there any more news about when they are going to shut down the Rewards?

  5. luna101217 says:

    Thank you Mandy Webkinz for featuring one of my outfits in an episode of Webkinz Trendz!!!

  6. Silverspear says:

    Thanks for featuring me! -sfup

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