Webkinz Trendz November 5, 2018

I’m getting ready to cast my vote in the Kinzville elections, but first let’s look at some fabulous fashions sent in by players just like you! Speaking of fashion, do you like my new shirt and hat? You might get your own hat when you visit Ella in the Webkinz Newz Room in the Clubhouse until November 7, and you can get the Tshirt when you complete your Webkinz Newzweek Challenge! My first prize from Ella was a Mandy Webkinz coin – I’m so honored!


Missed the last Trendz? You can check it out here.


Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com.

25 Responses to Webkinz Trendz November 5, 2018

  1. fancyduck58 says:

    Thanks for featuring Fifi in her birthday party outfit, Mandy! I love all of the other outfits, they’re all so cute!!! Including yours, Mandy. ;)

  2. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    So many brilliant ones–all the colorful leafy fall ones, “Maxine,” the blue leaves, the lillypad dress, the 50s Poodle skirt, the French ensemble…the cake hat is cute…x-3

  3. kitty82936 says:

    oooo these outfits are cool!

  4. ringneck1 says:

    These are really cool, but…couldn’t we be told the names or where the clothing pieces came from?

  5. hannah5banana says:

    Love Love Love the 1960′s swing outfit!!!!!

  6. alilkitten says:

    I’m absolutely in love with so many of these outfits! Everyone did so well and I just want to say to Carnation’s owner, the green looks fabulous on him/her.

  7. oudoll2 says:

    Gorgeous outfits! You all did beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Mandy, what are your jeans called? =D Also, congratulations everyone! ~Lyric/Radish/Mlp

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