WEBKINZ VOTES 2022: Re-Elect Dr. Quack for Mayor!



Fellow Citizens of Kinzville: we’ve been through some challenging times together and our community has only grown stronger. Let’s continue to stay strong as we look to the future!




As your mayor, I have been there for Kinzville from the beginning, and would be honored for your continued support.


Even though I have re-opened my clinic in the Clubhouse, I still always enjoy the opportunity to duck out to the Kinzville Park, meeting even more of my fellow citizens, and listening to their questions and concerns.


I’ve listened and I’ve heard YOU, citizens of Kinzville! I’ve heard that your Player Appreciation Day prizes don’t make you feel appreciated enough!


If I get the honor of another term in office, I promise that all future Player Appreciation Day prizes will no longer be clothing, and will ALWAYS be able to be sent, traded, or sold!


Keep our caring Kinzville community stable and strong as we look forward to the future!


Re-elect me, Dr. Quack, as your mayor during Webkinz Votes 2022, November 25th – 27th.


Stay Strong and Quack On!



Right now, you’ll also find me in the Kinzville Park every day between November 1st and 6th (Webkinz Classic desktop app only). If you come by to see me once per day, you’ll receive a special Webkinz Votes 2022 gift box that contains one of three prizes: A campaign hat, sign or plushy!










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67 Responses to WEBKINZ VOTES 2022: Re-Elect Dr. Quack for Mayor!

  1. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Those all seem like great ideas, as long as they continue to be from the EStore Until…but…but…I like clothing.

  2. Bubblilious says:

    Nice to hear you are running again. I like that your focus is about game prizes. I think they should ALWAYS be sent/traded or sold between your OWN accounts. I would also like to see Count the Sailboats more often and teach us how to play Jellybean Challenge so we have a chance to win. If you could reset the Klaz game to increase opportunities and slow down the Token Balloon Darts meter to make it possible to play. Most of these games I no longer play as there are no odds of winning or get anything so prizes do not matter to me. I do like PRIZES over money. Prizes could rotate from an be an oldie but goodie from the early years. That would be cool.

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