What was in YOUR Diamond Giftbox?




The grand prize to every season is a Diamond Giftbox. Drag it into your room and click on it to reveal one random premium item!
Make sure to play the current Season, Pampered Pets. Complete daily and weekly tasks to earn Season Points. As you accumulate Season Points, you’ll earn awesome prizes. The final prize for everyone is a Diamond Giftbox. And, if you play with a Season Pass, you’ll earn extra prizes!
Did you win the Diamond Giftbox from Haunted High? Which premium item was in YOUR giftbox?



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27 Responses to What was in YOUR Diamond Giftbox?

  1. BH1464 says:

    I guess I just don’t really understand all of the whining and complaining. You are receiving a FREE, PREMIUM prize! It shouldn’t matter if some of the PREMIUM prizes are low, medium or high. It is still a FREE, PREMIUM prize. I think we should all just be grateful for Ganz/Webkinz generosity in giving away a FREE PREMIUM prize and stop complaining.

  2. crystalfawns53 says:

    I lucked out and got a Pure of Heart Mirror. As much as its nice to get prizes that are different from the giftbox, I just like the older prizes better. I don’t like how it all has to come down to luck whether or not you get a premium low, medium, or high item at the end of the season when you put the same amount of work as other people who reached the final tier. I had another friend who reached tier 30 and they told me that they felt robbed because I got a premium high item while theirs was a premium low. In the future, I wish that the giftbox either guaranteed something that was a premium high or premium medium item to make it fair on everyone.

  3. cowtown2 says:

    thank you so much webkinz i got the oolah la theme curtains, I think that’s the theme my first Dimond box I opened I was so excited, thank you so much,

  4. webkinzwizard02 says:

    I see so many complaints about getting a free random premium prize but I am appreciative of this for many reasons. First off, it’s the free tier so it’s not like you’re paying the extra money to get the prize. Secondly, if we were all rewarded the same prize, you’d have a really hard time finding anyone to trade with you since we all have the same item. Also, you get free diamonds in the season on the free tier, which in my opinion is pretty generous of them. Don’t like trading or coming up with a creative way of decorating using your new, free premium item? Then simply don’t claim it. I buy the passes each season for my daughter and me and I think what you’re doing is great and lots of us really do appreciate everything you do so thank you!

    • sally says:

      If you’ve already earned the points, all of the prizes will be awarded automatically at the end of the Season. Some of the items can be sent back to Classic, so it’s worth checking that every now and then. Otherwise, just avoid earning enough Season points for the final tier (if you’re free… not recommended if you bought the pass!!!)

  5. raysgirl says:

    Pure of Heart Sofa

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