What’s Next in Webkinz Next!

Webkinz Next will be updating soon, and we’ve got some cool new things lined up!

The Spring 2021 Mystery Bag is arriving soon! Get two pieces of premium clothing in every bag, with one guaranteed from our new spring collection.


A brand new line of spring clothing will be arriving in the W Shop for KinzCash, too!


Be sure to log in to Webkinz Next on Sunday, April 4 to get your Spring Celebration gift.


Later in April, two more Let’s Play challenges will be added — one for Home Before Dark and one for Polar Plunge. Complete the challenges for cool new prizes!


And what April would be complete without a Webkinz Day Celebration? There will be a Webkinz Day gift on April 29, of course, but stay tuned to hear more about how Webkinz Day will be celebrated in Webkinz Next!
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

11 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next!

  1. FridaysChild says:

    I harvested my chocolate egg plant for the first time yesterday. I’m wondering if it’s like the seeds that are harvested 10 times and then go away, or if it’s like the KinzCash machine that is always there.

  2. Socutename says:

    Hello I love this!!

  3. Pilgrimcat498 says:

    One other question. I saw on Webkinz Classic, on the “Today’s Announcements” Header, there was a picture of the orange tabby cat and also a panda. Will the panda also be coming to Webkinz Next? It looks cute. Thanks !

  4. KSC says:

    I’m looking forward to the new spring clothes! Love the colors!

  5. 73kibarry says:

    When I try to place the rug from the Easter Egg hunt it doesn’t show up. I’ve moved it, changed the position. It shows it’s placed but it’s invisible. Thoughts?

    • Zooooooz says:

      I am having trouble with rugs, too…and not just the Easter one! They seem to get ‘stuck’ to some furniture, or don’t move at all, or move outside…weird!

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Well….megamom12 will be able to handle the Home Before Dark just fine. May need to enlist the aide of my grandson for the Polar Plunge one though!

  7. Sgirl16 says:

    Love seeing new things coming! And would love to know how long the rabbit will be available for adoption & if the gray tabby will return. The adorable Rainbow Panda launched in today & it is clear that it is available the first week for Deluxe members & from 4/1-4/4 you can get 10% off at the estore. Same for the Lil Butterflies. The Silver Reindeer was available for the black Friday Weekend (I think.) and it was communicated clearly. I’ve asked twice before & other players/customers have asked about the grey cat disappearing when the bunny showed up. I’ve looked for responses…and maybe I missed it, please let me know if I have as there are lots of comments….BUT it would be helpful for players/customers to know how long pets will be available in the Adoption center. I love both Classic & Next, & I have seen a huge improvement over the past couple weeks with the communication for Next, which is great. AND I realize it is a whole new platform, but communication is not a new thing. Ganz has been doing it Classic for like 15 years now, & clearly does well communicating here, the Announcements in the game, &/or estore. When a pet is introduced in Next, it does not seem like too much to ask to know when it is coming & if it won’t be in the store indefinitely, then please let us know. It makes sense some pets might be special time frames, but please do what you do in Classic and let us know.

    • Pilgrimcat498 says:

      @Sgirl16 Agreed!

    • puppies4me says:

      I agree. There needed to be 100% more transparency about the removal of the Gray Tabby from Next especially when, at the time it was removed it had been the newest pet. I was one who inquired about it on WW FB and got the answer that pets will be rotated from time to time but there is no telling when the Tabby will be available again. So sad. I was lucky enough to have jumped right on it, but unfortunately my grandson didn’t make it in time. He does love the bunny but disappointments for his sake are becoming to frequent. A big desire for both of us when it comes to Next is for KP. My grandson and I have quite a few items we would to send each other. We’re hanging on to what the other would like in hopes of KP someday (soon).

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