What’s Next in Webkinz Next!

We’re all looking forward to the next Webkinz Next update, hitting your favorite app stores soon! Some of the things you can expect in the next update include:


A brand new game! Hoppy Little Rocketship will be available in the Arcade — and like all games on Webkinz Next, both free and full members can play!




You’ll be excited to hear what’s coming for the outdoors — have you dreamed of changing the outside of your house, your grass, your fencing? Well, you won’t want to miss what’s coming!



There’s a new pet coming to the Adoption Center — the Holland Lop Bunny is just waiting to hop into your family!



We’re still working on the Baby Playground — watch for a new community challenge to help build the Ball Pool!




The big event coming up later this month is the Egg Hunt! There’s 9 cool prizes to collect — be sure to stay tuned for a sneak peek later.




Also, after our next update, you’ll be able to purchase plush in-game through the W Shop and the Wheel of WOW will be updated with some new prizes!


Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

21 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next!

  1. puppies4me says:

    What happened to the new Grey Tabby? My grandson really wanted the Grey Tabby. I even bought him diamonds so he could adopt one this weekend. Now what? AND, in this post about this update about the new games, yards and bunny, why is the Grey Tabby pictured playing on one of the new grasses? How am I supposed to explain to my grandson when he comes over that the Grey Tabby he was waiting for is no longer available… even though it’s pictured in this post?? Will the Grey Tabby be back? Maybe with the next update? Please, Please, PLEASE!

  2. twdfan says:

    Why is the gray cat gone

  3. Sgirl16 says:

    Sorry Sally Webkinz, I couldn’t sleep tonight & was catching up on reading the news! I swear I try to not be so wordy, but even after taking several copy classes in order to learn for advertising for my own side business, I write conversationally. So my apologies! …………… Just wanted to say I tried the new rocket game and it is pretty fun! It would be great to have some idea of what the goal of it is or if there are levels or what the different things mean. I am a direction reader and follower…and like to be able to know if I should click on the clouds or the stars or what was making my rocket go faster…I will keep playing and I am sure I will learn…

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      It’s the same as on Classic — you’re trying to get to the moon :D

      • Zooooooz says:

        Thank you, Sally! The graphics for Hoppy Little Rocket are great! More instructions would be helpful, though…how do the ducks, platforms, pinball flippers, balloons, thunderclouds, stars etc. work?

        • Animals5358 says:

          The regular platforms can survive being hopped on twice. Ducks move left to right, however, I don’t personally recommend using them because it’s very hard to land of them. The thunderclouds will knock you down so you will need to use a booster to get past them. Avoid thunderclouds whenever possible. Stars will break after 1 hop. And balloons will bounce you in the direction you hopped into. Be careful around ballon. If you come at the balloons in the wrong way, you could get yourself sent to the bottom of the screen (aka a game over). Hope this helped.

          • Sgirl16 says:

            @Animals5358 thank you! It is helpful actually! I had gotten to the point where I saw the balloons today, but it felt like I had gotten so far I didn’t want to hop on it and end up falling off the screen, so I just avoided them. I haven’t ever played the game on classic, so it didn’t know anything about it. But I love it…and I did figure out that the boosts were the little circles. I love the graphics in all the games on WKN! I especially like how big they are on my laptop. Great job on the games Ganz!

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