Win a Grand Kinzville Fountain!

The Season Pass Grand Prize for Collecting Kinzville is the Grand Kinzville Fountain!

When clicked, this spectacular outdoor fountain sprays colorful columns of water. This item is awarded to all players who purchase a Season Pass and finish the Collecting Kinzville Season.

Will YOU be playing for the fountain?
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10 Responses to Win a Grand Kinzville Fountain!

  1. 1212hawaii says:

    Hello! sorry I don’t know where to leave this suggestion but I would love it if you could add a trading book to Webkinz classic it makes things so much easier I actually enjoy trading and I have so many items on my classic account it would make trading easier and fun again

  2. mfaull says:

    I do not play Next, but this is gorgeous!

  3. BH1464 says:

    So, you show 2 distinctly different colored fountains. Does the Season Pass Grand Prize for Collecting this season, the Grand Kinzville Fountain, have a blue base color or a purple base color?

  4. caseyspacey says:

    This looks similar to the Fountain of Wow, but this has the NEXT design on it.

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Can a pet actually swim in it or no?

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