Win June’s Pet of the Month!



Head over to the Contests page to enter!

Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

May is the month for flowers! Tell us your top 10 favorite flowers for a chance to win one of five virtual Berry Cheeky Monkey adoption codes (the Prize).

Limit of one entry per Webkinz Newz account.

Please use the contest entry form – do not leave the answers in the comments.

Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on May 31, 2017.

33 Responses to Win June’s Pet of the Month!

  1. bubbleslover123 says:

    So frustrating that if we answer a math question wrong we are disqualified from winning — I made a silly mistake and was off by 1, and now I can’t enter to win this really cute pet. Is there a reason we are not able to try again if we get the question wrong?

  2. Bubblilious1 says:

    Heads up. Make sure you answer the mathematical question correctly. If you enter this wrong, you miss your chance to enter the contest.

  3. Sugarcookie9 says:

    Can you please tell us which math method you used to get the correct answer – order of operations or just solving through as you go? It would help alot thanks!

  4. IndigoZap says:

    Hi Sally! Do you have to name 10? And do you get the plush or the virtual pet? I’m asking because the picture at the top only shows a plush, and the info below it says virtual. :)

  5. RagingFire123 says:

    If you answered the contest with a wrong answer for the math question, does it still count as an entry?

  6. AllieFierce says:

    Wait I have a question: are there still going to be bake sale items floating around? Because I need literally ONE more chair.

  7. ibahagg says:

    I think I entered

  8. peppermint965 says:

    The contest isn’t working for me – any idea why? It tells me page not found when I click the link ;/

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Your entry seems to be in there already.

      • Prettypikachu says:

        Odd… At least it’s working now! The contest entry form wasn’t working for us, but we clicked on the ‘Contests’ link and did it from there. That’s really weird, though, because we mis-typed on the skill question. Glad you still received the entry, nonetheless, though! (I know peppermint965 in RL, so yeah =D)

  9. Elessar says:

    I definitely have to enter this one – I LOVE flowers. Also, this is a really cute pet – I’d love to add her to my Cheeky Monkey collection. :-))

  10. kitkat8765 says:

    I belong to the Pet of the Month Club. About a week ago, I received this pet, and did not receive the Steer. Did this happen to others??

    • Pokemom says:

      yes!! I called customer service and they assured me they had already sent a replacement package with a steer in it…evidently it was a goof that affected a lot of POTM club members. We’ll just sit tight and hope it arrives soon :D

      • Prettypikachu says:

        That’s really quite odd! I wonder why – maybe a Ganz employee forgot their coffee that morning – heheh… At least they’re going to try to make it right and ‘switch’ the POTM pet packages, but it is disappointing that you may not adopt them in the actual POTM month =/ Best wishes that this gets resolved! – PrettyPikachu

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