Winterfest 2024 Starts Tomorrow!


The forecast is calling for snow starting Saturday, January 13, 2024! Winterfest is back in Webkinz Next! Watch for snowflakes floating through Webkinz Next and click on them to earn a cool Winterfest prize!

You can click on snowflakes up to five times a day. There are adorable decorations to collect as well as two cozy toques!



Plus, each time you click on a snowflake, you’ll also receive a snowflake material. You can use 25 snowflake materials to build the awesome Snow Fort. Returning from previous years’ Winterfest, this awesome recipe is only active on your workbench for the duration of  Winterfest, so be sure to build your Snow Fort before Winterfest ends on January 27.




So bundle up and log in every day from January 13 to 27 to catch snowflakes! Bring on the snow! And let us know in the comments, which cool prize are YOU hoping to collect?



Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.


19 Responses to Winterfest 2024 Starts Tomorrow!

  1. XenoQuacker says:

    I love that the hats match sweaters I have from past challenges. I hope to get both of them.

  2. persian says:

    These prizes are wonderful. I wanted to give someone a heads up that the snowflakes are not appearing on Webkinz Next this morning.

  3. buunykins says:

    I have not seen any snowflakes today.

  4. jkleemom says:

    no snowflakes today

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