Winterfest Starts Now


It’s the first day of Winterfest in Webkinz Next!

Click snowflakes as they float across your screen.




Each snowflake awards you one Snowflake Material and a random prize from the Winterfest collection.



Collect 35 snowflakes and you’ll be able to build a Snow Fort on your workbench.

Just visit your workbench, find the Snow Fort recipe, and drag in your Snowflake Materials.



The Snow Fort will look so cute in your backyard.



Winterfest runs until January 30th.  Click up to five snowflakes a day! How many prizes can you collect?





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18 Responses to Winterfest Starts Now

  1. bonesbongo says:

    There are no Snowflakes or ‘W’ floating today on all my accounts. Need the snowflake for Season Pass points. :(

  2. lucylane556 says:

    Actually, when I looked at the recipe, it said to collect 25 snowflakes instead of 35.

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