Zingoz Celebration Starts Today in Webkinz Next!

On from May 25-June 2



Wacky Zingoz Update, May 26, 2024: The issue with Wacky Zingoz has been fixed, but unfortunately, if you have already logged in today, you will not be able to start earning prizes until tomorrow. We apologize for the Wacky Zingoz Event not working as expected. We will be extending this event by one day for today’s inconvenience!


The 2024 Zingoz Celebration is on! From May 25-June 2, score 8,000 points in or more playing Wacky Zingoz in Webkinz Next and you will win one of four prizes.

The Wacky Wallpaper and Wacky Beach Towel are returning prizes. The Wacky Windchime and the very rare Wacky Scooter are new. Collect up to 5 prizes a day.

Through the week, as you play in Next, be sure to watch out the floating Wacky icon. Click on Wacky when he appears and a Wacky-themed candy will be added to your dock. You can use the candies at your crafting table to craft a Wacky Light Up Lamp.

Remember, the Wacky Scooter is very rare. There’s only a 2% chance it will be rewarded. Will YOU win the Wacky Scooter? Give it your best shot! Start playing today in Webkinz Next.

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.


66 Responses to Zingoz Celebration Starts Today in Webkinz Next!

  1. asusier says:

    This event sounded wonderful. Unfortunately, I have only won wind chimes and 1 wallpaper:(

  2. sunshine32 says:

    The first day I won a beach towel and wallpaper along with wind chimes. Ever since the second day when there was a glitch that needed repair, all I have won are wind chimes. I can sell them for money, but I have a feeling something is wrong with the prize awarding ever since the glitch.

  3. persian says:

    This is a debacle. I have 24 wind chimes on one account for 5 days of this event.

  4. puppyluv9063 says:

    All I have won is wind chimes… It is a bummer because I don’t really want to decorate with that many wind chimes. Honestly, multiple towels would be cute because you can put them by the pool. Or if there was an outfit, having multiple outfits for pets. I don’t really know what to do with all of the wind chimes… I wish it had been this easy to win multiple of the gorgeous Easter dresses I would have loved that!

  5. kidzinme says:

    26 Wind Chimes! 1 Beach towel and 1 wall paper….I really want Wacky Scooters PLEASE!!

  6. 2002hun says:

    Nothing but windchimes for two days straight… i think i have like fifteen of them! please fix the odds of getting different prizes, getting the scooter seems like its never going to happen

  7. raggedyann1968 says:

    Wind chimes!! Nothing but wind chimes! Cute, but I’d sure love to win something else. Seems like everyone is having the same luck!

  8. 11auntie says:

    I received the wind chime 3 times. I love the look of it, but I thought it was actually going to chime. The bells move when I click on them, but I don’t hear anything. I turned up the sound as loud as it would go. Is it my hearing, is the item intended to be silent, or is there a delivery problem?

  9. buunykins says:

    Very disappointing, so far all I have gotten are the wind chimes.

    • rachelgirl192 says:

      yes, the windchime seems to be the most common, I keep getting that, too.

    • granma4 says:

      Hi I don’t have a next account so any extra windchimes would be greatly appreciated your friend granma4

      • crystalfawns53 says:

        Hi granma4. I tried checking to see if the windchimes were sendable at the start of the event, but I discovered that they weren’t. I would have sent them to you in Classic in a heartbeat if they were.

        • granma4 says:

          crystalfawns53 Thank you for trying. I guess I’ll just miss this one. I thought of the trading room but if the prizes can’t be sent they probably can’t be traded. I tied to friend you but it would not let me for some reason. Thanks again for trying to send something.

          • crystalfawns53 says:

            You’re welcome. I’ll add you on Classic. I think the error occurred because my username on ganzworld isn’t the same as it is on Classic. I’ll send you some items that I have sent back from Next.

  10. raggedyann1968 says:

    I’m happy it’s working today, but I’m sure not playing as well as I did yesterday. I lost out on 4 prizes yesterday, and today I played 12 times and only got to 8000 or more 2 times. Major bummer.

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