Find Out What’s Happening in Webkinz World Throughout May


Check out the calendar below to learn about upcoming events in Webkinz World:




have any tips or tricks for collecting Flowers from your friends? Please leave your comments below…


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  1. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    Why do I have to keep items that I don’t want ? I’m not allowed to sell them. I have 4 junk rooms , of things I don’t want to keep. Let me know. I have never said that. this is the first time that I’m asking.

  2. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    Wacky’s Bingoz will not let me play it’s been 4 days and I Still can’t play it. I went deluxe so I could play the games. If I can’t play them, There is no reason to go deluxe again. and you say you send e-mail, but I never get any. what’s wrong with the bingoz game ? and are you going to fix it ?

  3. beyers4366 says:

    the bingo game has not let my play on 5 acct and it making me up set its the close’s i have ever been to winning and on 1 acct i have nothing left to dig and i cant do anything in that park please help me

  4. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    Why Can’t I ask my Friends for flowers. I click their names and hit send , but it don’t send. why isn’t it working ? Should I call and speak to someone? Not happy with this. Thanks

  5. mooniecat2 says:

    Why is the May challenge not marked as a deluxe challenge? I completed the first part and to complete the second part, you must play Whimsy Skies in the arcade and it is a Deluxe game! I didn’t realize it until I had already wasted my “money” buying the Final Frontier Playset which was also a requirement.

  6. patootie67 says:

    I wish the game wasn’t so focused on deluxe. The developers obviously just want money. I’ve been on here since 2007, and it honestly was better then, than it is now. I was able to actually play games, dress up my pets, and buy items without having any restrictions.

    • misty81 says:

      I agree I liked it better before the ganz store it was more fun collecting items. Then you can’t do what you want when you buy like trade them. I hate how they changed the dock and where your pets are. It is so small now. Some times change is not good

      • Bluecheyqui says:

        The ganz store is fine if you have the money but I would like to see being able to buy more with Kinz cash especially extra plays on Goobers Atomic Deluxe. Already spent lots of real money on being deluxe, estore and over 140 pets. I have collected over 7 million Kinz cash but can’t use it for the items I really would like to have.

  7. Leia2394 says:

    I love all the pets in webkinz world

  8. aurorakinz2014 says:

    does any1 understand the hatching dragon game? i played it for 20 minutes & only got 3 dollars, i can only be on the computer for an hour a day & i dont know how i am going to win this prize & take care of my sweet webkinz while trying to win my deluxe prize. can some1 help me?

  9. tinygma says:

    I helped 11 people finish the trophy challenges so they were done befor the flower collections begin :) . HAPPY COLLECTION BUT playing 100 pet care and challenges and the hatching dragon paying so little its a LOT of hand movements and play time. It seams move like a mini mega challenge . I have no time to clear my dock or really enjoy the game unless I skip something but I really love the new flower challenge I want lil dragons for parks by the ocean , schools and haunted rooms as well. I have an outside castle room roof that cant wait for a lil dragon to fly off will I HOPE for a RIDE-ON DRAGON sometime !! Different colors of dragons for a Wizard school ok there goes MY imagination again getting ahead of WEBKINZ . But good luck E1 . Use a tree room wit a Dino slide peeking out over the top of the trees for a fun ancient look !!

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