Daily Giveaways!



Watch for berry giveaways throughout Berry Fest including:


  • A daily berry giveaway at Today’s Activities as an All Day Event
  • Hourly berry giveaways at Today’s Activities
  • Find the berry ads in Webkinz from June 17 – 19 and click on them to win berries


You can also win Jars of Preserves that you can feed to your pet at WebkinzNewz.com. Find the empty floating Jar of Preserves and click on it to win.


Watch Webkinz Newz for more berry giveaways! Berry Fest runs from June 18 – 28 in Webkinz World.



22 Responses to Daily Giveaways!

  1. petname0310 says:

    what do you do with the polarberries and goo berries

  2. mdlm1953 says:

    I don’t understand the empty jat of preserves. I can’t find it in my dock. Does it change to a filled jar?

  3. sweetcv says:

    The floating jars aren’t working for me today. :( keep getting campaign expired. Anyone else?

  4. lovlyhorses4 says:

    AND I just got a free berry from the estore! Very cool!

  5. sparkle3085 says:

    I can’t wait! :)

  6. ctfan13 says:

    This is going to be the funnest thing ever!

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