More Haunted Castle Concept Drawings!


Hey guys… Michael Webkinz here, reporting for Webkinz Newz. I am excited to show you more concept drawings for the Haunted Castle theme! I have 3 to show today, but I’ll be posting the final three next Saturday, August 19th.


Here’s a look at the windows, featuring thick velvet curtains (and cobwebs of course), that look out to a night sky. Lightning flashes will make this item particularly spooky:



I love this next one… it’s a haunted throne! Clicking on this item will cause a ghostly queen to appear, sitting on the throne. She look harmless but I wouldn’t try to disturb her…



It seems like this queen has quite the presence in the haunted castle. Here’s a portrait of her that you can hang on your pet’s wall… I wonder if something will happen if you click on it… hmmmm… we’ll just have to wait and see!



Our new Halloween room theme will be available at the W-Shop (for KinzCash), starting October 1st. If you have any feedback or name suggestions for any of these items, please feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section below.


This has been Michael Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz…


91 Responses to More Haunted Castle Concept Drawings!

  1. tinygma says:

    QUEEN can be a FOREST SPIRIT !! Outside with trees around her throne ;).

  2. arzi02 says:

    I think dark blue curtains would match the colour scheme better.

  3. blackball says:

    Would it not be neat to have a ghost pet. I love this new theme. Not to crazy about the picture but love the window. Can not wait to see the bed.

  4. 7debbie7 says:

    …looks great!

  5. jeter12 says:

    Love the window, it’s awesome. Will this theme include a bed? I’m really hoping it does.

  6. ImaPepper says:

    Ooh, me likey!

  7. BH1464 says:

    Really loving this theme! Even better than I expected! Great work designers! WOW :):):):):)

  8. animalmomkls says:

    Love all of these new items, especially that window. I like the curtains and the balcony outside. But I do wish there were just a few less spider webs on the window. Glad to see the other two pieces don’t have any spider webs on them. That ghostly queen is so cool and I can’t wait to see what happens with her portrait. A frayed and decrepit tapestry might be a cool addition or what about a music box that plays something haunting or a beautiful golden harp that plays by itself. Really see lots of potential here, especially with a ghostly queen. Very Exciting!

  9. ThatCatRollsInCash says:

    Will you have to retire a theme? Can you give us a heads up if you are, because I have a few rooms I would like to make later with some older room themes

  10. Serena100 says:

    You asked for input on naming the items… I love it when you use the same first word when naming the items in a room theme, such as Bloomin’ theme, Hotel theme, Countryside Christmas (except for the Snow Covered Lamp). It makes it so much easier to find the items in the dock, and helps up to remember which items are in the same theme. What the items does or doesn’t do is more important that a cutesy name, which often complicates things. Please consider adopting this as a policy.

    • BH1464 says:

      I agree with you Serena100 regarding using the same first word on all items in a theme for ease finding same theme items in our docks. I have suggested that very thing several times, but so far Ganz/Webkinz aren’t listening. I have several themes currently in my dock that I want to make into rooms. I can’t ever find the same theme items to make those rooms and am always interrupted by requests while trying to go through my dock. Most of the themes I’m referring to are no longer available so I can’t even look them up in the WShop to find the names of items in the same theme.

    • Catchatiger says:

      Yes I agree with Serena100. Please name the first word of themes or items that are related with the title that relates them! It is so hard to find anything in the dock. Half the time we dont even know what things are called, or if you remove things from a room to decorate, you have to scroll ALL over to find them again. And no, they don’t go to the “new” tab. You are lucky if things stay in the “new” tab until you go to a new room or click again – then they are gone. It doesn’t even make sense as some item, say a lamp, will be in furniture but then some will be in decorations. Worse yet, there is no way to start at the END of the tab, so if you are looking for something that starts with a “W” or even an “R” you have to click 80+ times to get to it!. I suggested a long time ago to even rename all your theme items. What would it matter? Except then all the theme items would be easier for US to find. You can still keep whatever they are named, just put the word of the theme in the start so we can find it or they all group together if we remove them or win one or buy one. So yes please, whatever you name these items,start it out with “Castle ___” or “Haunted Castle___” Our docks are a mess, and IMHO instead of spending so much time crowding the screen with icons and ads how about giving us more dock room, a search feature or a printed list of our stuff so we don’t have to spend 25 minutes clicking through the dock 5 times to find something that we can barely see even if we pass it?

      • zoomycat says:

        I’m very late to the party here, but you guys are all right on. A search box feature for our docks would solve a lot of frustration for many players. My overstuffed dock drives me crazy.

    • Dot750 says:

      I totally agree with Serena100; having the first word the same for all the items in any theme should be a policy.

    • momno1 says:

      You are exactly right, Serena. Well said!

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