People’s Choice Award


First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. Since we had 20 finalists this time around, I decided to award 2 Room Design Trophies for the People Choice Award. Congratulations to Furretts and ArtsyWebkinz… your room designs received the most votes from the Webkinz Newz Community!


The Indoor Pool was brilliantly designed by Furretts. This is the first time we have seen counters used as pool siding, and the Diner Counters were a perfect choice. Seems like everything fits perfectly, including the Cheerleader Wallpaper which was another home run. Great job Furretts! You pulled off this indoor pool perfectly:



ArtsyWebkinz was the designer behind the Irish Castle. Using the Enchanted Train Station Columns, the Ivy Brick Wall, Mega Modern Fireplaces and the Cafe Fireplace to “build” a castle is brilliant!



Congratulations again to the winners of the People’s Choice Award. I will be sending you an email with more details. You are both talented room designers!



18 Responses to People’s Choice Award

  1. rdog2014 says:

    Congratulations everyone! Wow, Furretts, your Indoor Pool is so awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that big pool before … where did you find it?

  2. Karahjoy6 says:

    You both did amazing!! You guys are natural room designers and I hope you continue to make those fabulous rooms of yours! Congratz guys!!!

  3. webkinz04 says:

    Congrats Furretts and ArtsyWebkinz!!

  4. kin2832 says:


  5. ladysparklez99 says:

    yyaaaaaaayyy! i voted for the irish castle because im a descendant of irish.

  6. Furretts says:

    Thanks everyone so much <333 And congrats to artsywebkinz too! Your design was so clever how you built the castle its amazing!

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