Webkinz Room Design Awards – People’s Choice


Thank you for taking the time to vote over the weekend! Congratulations moosiekins, wootsan, 00dizzy, lilsmom04, Kate, stickyfrog, Selena2004, Butterfly65l, Mark0128 and bijtp! Your room designs earned the most votes and you have each won a Room Design Trophy!



Winners, please check your inbox for an email that will explain how to get your trophy.


Did you vote for one of these room designs? Let us know what you loved about it by leaving a comment in the section below!




5 Responses to Webkinz Room Design Awards – People’s Choice

  1. lakevillegrandma says:

    All of the ones I picked won a trophy but one: I REALLY liked Webkinz Day Party Room. If you see this RAINBOWRASPY, your room was absolutely amazing, and I hope you submit more rooms for us to admire.

  2. wootsan0913 says:

    Oh, wow. Thank you for voting for me! I can’t believe I won! First time ever!

  3. rachelgirl193 says:

    congratulations to all the winners!

  4. moosiekins says:

    Wow! Thank you to everyone who voted for my room! Congratulations to all the winners!! I loved all of the rooms!

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