Coming Soon: Brown Boston Terrier

The Brown Boston Terrier will be arriving in stores this February! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to see the Brown Boston Terrier’s special item and food.

47 Responses to Coming Soon: Brown Boston Terrier

  1. volleyballchick says:

    Wow this looks like Gidget, my grandma’s boston terrier/mix! so adorable! if you want to friend me on webkinz world i’m pinkbluewhitedisco33!!! ~ volleyballchick

  2. kate says:


  3. amyjindra says:

    Oh my…………….. It is so adroble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it realy bad! lol ;-)

  4. wolves1000 says:

    I have a brindle boston terrier so, yeah, I WANT IT. i’m naming it Odie after my dog

  5. wolveslove0 says:

    omg cute! they have a black and white one right?

    • Briannadog says:

      @ wolveslove0, I just looked up on the internet webkinz black bosten terrier and yes they do have a black one. Brown and Black they could be bff’s! LOL

  6. Briannadog says:

    Yay another webkinz dog! As you can see by my name I LOVE DOGS!!Good job ganz for making more dog breeds! :)

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