Coming Soon: Chocolate Pup

The Chocolate Pup will be available in stores this June!

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  1. jasmine827 says:

    Lol, the chocolate on its fur looked like barrels at first. XD

  2. duchess says:

    i already have a choclate pup and my mom will not beleve me we bought it with signature marble cat and choco cheeky dog

  3. amyrose1231 says:

    OMG i might be getting the chocolate pup and make a video with it ♥

  4. jes079 says:

    they should call it the delightz choclete puppy

  5. jes079 says:

    i have a texting puppy i named her tiffany i can’t belive i was going to name her tawnia but no her name is tiffany she is super cute and she is sisters with my peace out puppy rosie

  6. zqfleafyjulie says:

    (my sister’s comment) she’s so cute and i totally want her!

  7. zqfleafyjulie says:

    my sister would die for this! she LOVES dogs, and choclate, and this pup is so cute, so it’s perfect for her!

  8. zqfleafyjulie says:

    this pet is sssoooooooooooooooo to die for! my sister loves dogs. so dog plus choclate plus cute equals perfect for my sister!

  9. velvetrose7 says:

    Cutest dog you’ve made yet! The Choclate Puppy should be named Choclate

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