Coming Soon: Holidoodle

The Holidoodle will be in stores this October!

95 Responses to Coming Soon: Holidoodle

  1. webkinz user says:

    Whoa. That’s actually kinda neat. It has a long tail and kinda sickly colored beak . . . I wonder what the psi is? Later! ~ spottytal

  2. shortyginger says:

    Color scheme is nice, but not really liking the crest and tail as streamers.

  3. ferretfriend says:

    That’s an interesting pet, webkinz!

  4. Teddwed88 says:

    i like it when they make real animals, but this is really cute!

  5. momo4cookie says:

    wow, a third one, it looks like Christmas pet

  6. lightenbolt says:

    are there any rockerz

  7. ritata456 says:

    Its adorable!!but honnestly it looks like a christmas pet…if its in my store i am definetly getting thid one!

  8. goldbybrittnicoll says:

    Whoops! logged in as my sister again!

  9. readyornotbybrittnicole says:

    Ha Ha! But a little to Christmasy for October…

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