Coming Soon: Holidoodle

The Holidoodle will be in stores this October!

95 Responses to Coming Soon: Holidoodle

  1. webkinzqueen says:

    I love him.He is so cool.I wish could get him.

  2. meemersandboo says:

    i really want this one!!!!!!! ;D

  3. rachanimals says:

    I may have to get this pet. My friend has the pinkadoodle so i might have to get this one and give it to her :)

  4. cv2011 says:

    YAY Im SOOOOOO getting this one! I have the plumfadoodle and blufadoodle so they would be a family!! AHHHH SOOO AWESOME!

  5. kourty755 says:

    This is so cute and the psi is too!! I’m definitely gonna have to buy this! add me ~ kourty755

  6. cv2011 says:


  7. AMM03 says:

    Cool! Maybe they should make on for every season

  8. natalie13 says:

    I hope webkinz comes-up with a cuter Holiday pet then this?

  9. loolik6 says:

    He looks like the bluefadoodle but not in the same colors…

  10. hellokitty1244 says:

    Awe cute…. :)

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