Coming Soon: Hyena

The Hyena will be available this March!

63 Responses to Coming Soon: Hyena

  1. jasmine827 says:

    Oh my gosh, this scared me so much! I really want it! XD

  2. gibbousmoon says:

    I love hyenas but I have to say I don’t like that weird grin.

  3. redheaded hyena says:

    At first I thought the smile was just a marking, but I don’t mind it; I’ve always liked hyenas.

  4. Wolfchild says:

    I’ve been hoping for a hyena for ages! I’m not sure about that grin, though, I prefer more realistic-looking Webkinz. Here’s something interesting about hyenas – a lot of people think they’re dogs, but they’re not. They belong to a family of their own, and are more closely related to cats than to dogs!

  5. Sunshine2040 says:

    I think it’s kinda cute! :D But i have to say that the online version is a little weird…

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