Coming Soon: Knit Sock Monkey

The Knit Sock Monkey will be in stores in early 2014!

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  1. RockyRox says:

    is this the same as the sock monkey from estore??

  2. thorne says:


  3. catecutei12345 says:

    a sock monkey on webkinz?Cute but just plain WRONG.I understand the racutie and the sparkle fawn and the german shepard but i cant imagine a sock monkey on webkinz.

  4. lizziesmom2 says:

    One of the best sock-monkeys I’ve seen! I am soooooo getting this pet! :) :) :)

  5. Ndume2004 says:

    Getting tired of trying to find this Sock Monkey. When is it available? Is it coming out at a different time in Canada? My retailer hasn’t gotten any new ones in February at all.

  6. Panda123 says:

    THIS IS A WEBKINZ PET???????!!!!!!!

  7. Cutekinz12345 says:

    Hey guys reply to this comment if you want a Zingoz Choco. Fountain, a Jewelry Box Super Bed, a antique wishing well, a Orange PLasma Ball. Just put your username and what you want and trade me. I will become your friend and we can meet in the trading room! Bring your Exclusives and Rares! (BTW I LOVE Zingoz so that might help)!

  8. cloebearky says:

    enh.. its ok i dont really like sock monkeys that much but hey if someone likes it thats good :3

  9. ssc181 says:

    By the way, friend me! I,m summersept (Webkinz) and also Rollowtail ( Amazing World ) !!!!

  10. ssc181 says:

    OMG!!! So cute! I,ve got to get this pet! I,m not sure if I,m allowed to get any more Webkinz. if not, i,ll be just bummed out. Crossing my fingers! :)

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