Coming Soon: Orange Soda Pup

The Orange Soda Pup will be in stores this October!

96 Responses to Coming Soon: Orange Soda Pup

  1. Wolf11330 says:

    So cute is it still there?

  2. WebkinzLove101 says:

    Any name ideas?

  3. DeoDes says:

    I already have the Grape Soda Pup, and this is pretty similar…but I don’t care. This is going on my NEED list.

  4. hollyleafstar says:

    it just looks like the cream soda pup but orange cant they make like a dr.pepper one or root bear :)

  5. hallidayisawesome says:

    oh my goodness! I have the cream soda pup and still needed to get the grape soda and now theres a 3rd!!! I need to complete my collection with this cutie!

  6. rainbowsarehappy says:

    I have the cherry soda pup but this one’s even cuter I want this sooo bad.

  7. hellokitty1244 says:

    I gotta go by Cracker Barrel and get one of those this month. :D

  8. SpottedButterflyGANZ says:

    i have the grape soda pup. I NEED THIS

  9. stardreamz says:

    OMD!!! sooooo cute! I am totally getting this pet! I’m gonna name it either Fanta or Tuti Fruiti. I already have the Cream Soda Pup named Puff so this will be a great addition to the family! Oh I guess that means i have to get the grape soda pup too huh? lol yay! XD

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