Coming Soon: Peace N’ Love Puppy

The Peace N’ Love Puppy will arriving this March!

53 Responses to Coming Soon: Peace N’ Love Puppy

  1. Cloverpuppy4047 says:

    Hey i just ordered this webkinz. It’ll be here tomorrow! :) :0 :)

  2. WolvesRTheBest says:

    I tend to like most of the puppies but this one doesn’t appeal to me as much as the others……..

  3. whatsupdoc says:

    this one is… cute..! i love it, but.. its kinda getting old with all the peace puppies. Especially since the Peace Out puppy has the same colors! :/ i WILL get it ITS VERY CUTE but not so original. and i REALLY think they should make a Webkinz Rainbow Puppy! it would have little rainbows on it and stuff. :)

  4. taniacool says:

    I agree with every one but I love every webknz pet :)

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