Coming Soon: Pom Pom Dino

Don’t miss this darling dinosaur! The Pom Pom Dino will be arriving in stores this September.

82 Responses to Coming Soon: Pom Pom Dino

  1. CountryKinz17 says:

    Its actually pretty cute! <3

  2. gina208 says:

    It looks kind of plain :(

  3. redgreen says:

    I Tink it is Absolutly ADORABLE it does look 1/4 like a Baby Toy but i am collecting the Dino’s! Well who agrees there should be more lil’ kinz there cute and don’t cost much if they made a lil’ kinz Cheeky Dog it’d SELL!

  4. rainshower25 says:

    its so adorable!

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