Coming Soon: Signature Orange Tabby

This cute kitty is ready to play. You’re going to want to get your paws on this pet. Its curious expression and fiery ginger coat make this little ball of fur an ideal companion for any owner. The Signature Orange Tabby is one cool cat!

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  1. Poppystar*** says:


  2. Josefina9 says:

    She’s so cute. I bought her with some of my birthday money. I named her Dawnlight. She’s an absolute favorite!

  3. unicorns123 says:

    I believe that this recently added feline has an interesting face, but it isn’t ugly. The eyes may be a bit too close together, although the fur colors are beautiful. I honestly think this cat’s adorable, all except for the eyes.

  4. The REAL ~+*IceWolf*+~ says:

    Hey! I finally found a name for this cat!!! Dewey! If you don’t know who Dewey is, he was a library cat. He was so famous that he got to travel around the world, even to Japan!! I can’t wait to get this cat! But I’m not sure WHEN I’ll get it. Maybe for Christmas!I can’t wait ’til Christmas!!! Can you guys? I am SOOO excited! It’s only September, but Winter is already here where I live! Last year for Christmas, I got the Webkinz Endangered Red Wolf!!! I LOVE him! Sorry I kinda got off topic. I am just so excited!! ~IceWolf* = D
    P.S. Does anyone on WKN believe in Santa? I half DO and half DON’T. I kinda found out it was my Mom last year (2010). But I still had a fun Christmas!

  5. Claire says:

    The Signature Tabby is so cute!! I want it so bad. Keep it up Ganz!!!!!

    Your Webkinz Lover,

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