Coming Soon: Swirly Curl Unicorn

The Swirly Curl Unicorn will be in stores this November!

88 Responses to Coming Soon: Swirly Curl Unicorn

  1. ~♐♫♥Bama_Kitty7♥♫♐~ says:

    Unicorns I love them.

  2. CAROLIME says:

    LOVE IT.. I’m soooooo getting this!

  3. kittykittymeowmeow1 says:

    My mom says she’s getting that for me when it comes

  4. momsangel04 says:

    aww its so cute!

  5. smith says:

    I love that tail! It’s like… ribbon that you put on gifts! It’s so cool! Although, it looks a little like a princess’s unicorn. :(

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